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gravity water bowl for cats

Cats love to drink fresh water, and water bowls with gravity dispensing units could be a perfect option for your pets. It helps avoid a mess on the floor while ensuring that your pet stays hydrated for hours and even days. But, selecting the right water bowl is a decision that requires market research to get you the best deals for a reliable product.

Let us check out some reliable options you can bring home for your cats!

We recently updated the list of the best water bowls for cats that are cost-effective and durable, You might like one for your feline.

1. PetFusion H2O Gravity Water Dispenser for Cats

Featuring a standard yet function-friendly design, the PetFusion H2O gravity Water Dispenser can be your go-to option to help your pet stay hydrated. The waterer ensures ease of use with a large cap that can be removed for refilling purposes.

The water bowl locks the waterer to ensure added security and counteract any possible spilling. It is ideal for daily use with a modern and thoughtful design. The design features a modern silhouette with a less bulky design with minimum space.


  • White base with a transparent bottle that blend well together
  • Made from pet-safe, durable PP plastic that is BPA-free
  • Features reduce seams to avoid mold buildup
  • Wide-stance reservoir to prevent spills or knock overs
  • Dishwasher-safe design with easy dismantling


  • It might require frequent refilling for large cats
  • No side hinges to lift the waterer easily

2. PetSafe Pet Water Station with Bowl

Made of high-quality plastic, the PetSafe Gravity Water Bowl comes in a standard black and white color. The gravity dispenser is light in weight and allows the pet parents to easily carry it to the desired location. The dispenser comes in 3 sizes of 64, 128, and 320 ounces.

The water station features sturdy construction with durable locks that help prevent spills and cats from knocking it off. In addition, the water bowl comes in a stainless steel material which is hygienic.


  • Available in 3 sizes depending on your cat’s water requirements
  • It helps your pet with optimum hydration even when you are away
  • Features a carbon filter to keep the water fresh
  • Dishwasher safe design for the water bowl
  • Reduces the chances of algal formation in the water bowl


  • The strong plastic smell stays for days; it might deter the cats from drinking
  • The top opening doesn’t come off easily

3. Petmate Gravity Water Bowl Dispenser for Cats

Available in blue and silver colors, the Petmate Gravity Water Bowl is another great choice for pet parents who need a reliable source of hydration for their cats. Although the material is plastic, it doesn’t contain any toxins and is BPA-free making it completely safe for your pets.

The dispenser is light in weight and can be carried around easily to the desired location. Moreover, it can be unscrewed from its base to ensure convenient cleaning and refills. It also comes with a pre-installed charcoal filter to ensure the water stays fresh for a long.


  • Created with PET plastic that is BPA-Free
  • Safe for pets as it doesn’t cause molding issues
  • Ensures there isn’t any odor in the water
  • Requires less refill with massive water-holding capacity
  • It can be easily cleaned with a brush, soap, & warm water


  • Not meant for cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Water flow to the bowl is very slow

4. CZPET Water Bowl with Dispenser for Cats

The CZPET water bowl uses gravity to dispense water regularly for cats. This ensures that your cat has access to fresh water whenever desired. In addition, the large storage capacity ensures that you don’t have to refill it now and then.

The cat water dispenser uses environmental-friendly and healthy ABS material, which is also safe for cats. In addition, the dispenser and bowl are sealed to ensure dust doesn’t settle on the surface while avoiding contamination issues.


  • Simple design ensures ease of installation
  • It can easily be cleaned with fast disassembly feature
  • Ideal material that can be kept indoors as well as outdoors
  • It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 6 months
  • Features a non-slip bottom design


  • Some dispensers might leak from the bottom
  • Bowl is a bit low for cats with a flat face

5. Petmate Pet Café Cat Gravity Waterer & Dispenser

Available in 3 subtle colors: ash blue, tan, and gray, the Petmate Pet Café Gravity Waterer for cats are perfect for pets that love freshwater. The gravity dispenser is available in 4 different sizes per your pet’s requirements. For example, if you have multiple cats at home, you can opt for the 3-gallon option. In addition, the waterer is available in 1.5, 0.75, and 0.25-gallon options for others.

The water bowl automatically refills, which happens slowly to ensure the water doesn’t spill. It is ideal for anyone who juggles a busy lifestyle and the pet’s basic requirements. The easy-grab cutouts ensure that they can be lifted and moved from one place to another.


  • Lifted side design ensure a spill-free drinking experience
  • The wide-mouth bottle ensures easy removal for washing
  • Keeps the water fresh for longer without frequent refilling requirements
  • Eco-friendly design with no toxins
  • It helps deter the growth of microbes


  • Isn’t safe for dishwasher cleaning
  • Stopper material might break off easily

6. Amazon Basic Gravity Water Bowl for Cats

The Amazon Basics cat water bowl comes in small and large sizes, depending on your cat’s needs. Created from Rubber and Polypropylene, this water bowl weighs only 1 pound and can easily carry around the house.

The gravity design ensures that your cat gets access to freshwater all the time. Its extra-wide opening helps fill in water with ease. The dispenser has a holding capacity of 1 gallon. It is created from PP and made transparent to help you determine the right time to refill.


  • Side cut-outs that allow easy lifting
  • The non-skid base design is created with high-quality rubber
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 1-gallon water holding capacity
  • It doesn’t require frequent water refilling


  • Not to be used with a dishwasher for cleaning purposes
  • It might get mold when left unclean for long

7. VaygWay Self-Dispensing Cat Water Bowl

Featuring a simple and premium design, the VaygWay cat water bowl is created with high-quality plastic, safe for your cat. Along with durability & longevity, this product ensures that the material is safe for your cats.

The pet water bowl can be placed outside or inside, depending on your pet’s need. The design also features ideally placed cuts on the sides to help you establish a firm grip when moving it from one place to another.


  • Easy to detach design for thorough cleaning
  • Gravity design to help prevent spilling issues or overflowing
  • Anti-slip rubber foot to prevent sliding
  • Holds about 1 gallon of water
  • It doesn’t require frequent refilling


  • It might leak from certain areas
  • Plastic material might cause mold growth

8. JUNSPOW Automatic Gravity Cat Water Bowl

Created from high-quality ABS plastic, the JUNSPOW cat water bowl doesn’t require any electricity to function. The design makes it easy to be disassembled for cleaning purposes. Moreover, the anti-slip mat helps the bowl stay stable while your cat drinks from it.

The total holding capacity of the dispenser is about 2.5 litres which ensure that your pet doesn’t go thirsty even if you are away from home for a few days. In addition, the premium material is eco-friendly, which keeps your pet safe and healthy.


  • Durable and sturdy design that lasts for years
  • Eco-friendly material that doesn’t contain any toxins
  • Ideal for small and large cats as well as kittens
  • Transparent reservoir to monitor the water level
  • A frosted texture that is fingerprint-proof


  • It might give your cat chin acne due to low bowl height
  • Too light in weight; can be toppled by big cats

9. NOA Gravity Cat Water Dispenser with Bowl

The NOA Gravity Cat Water Bowl is the perfect product to get home for your cats to ensure they stay hydrated when you aren’t at home. This gravity-based water dispenser comes with an attached bowl perfect for both big and small cats to drink from.

The material doesn’t contain any BPA, making it safe for all pets. In addition, the dispenser and bowl combo doesn’t require any maintenance, and with a simple cleaning, you can ensure a freshwater supply for your pets while you are gone.


  • Can hold as much as a 1-gallon water
  • Features an anti-slip bottom with high-quality rubber
  • Removable base for easy cleaning experience
  • A transparent barrel helps you refill in time
  • Portable design to help you move it around with ease


  • Too costly as compared to competitors
  • The product starts to form mold after a few uses

10. Funlula Pet Self-Dispensing Gravity Water Station

Available in gray, pink, green, and white colors, the Funlula Gravity Water Dispenser for Cats is a cute yet highly functional solution that helps your pet stay hydrated. The water dispenser uses a combination of PET and ABS plastic that is pet-friendly and non-toxic for regular use.

The cat water dispenser bowl features an anti-slip design in the feet portion to ensure the bowl doesn’t move while drinking. The waterer has a capacity of 1.71 ounces that can last your pets for a day or more while you are off to the office.


  • Resistant to high temperature that doesn’t exceed 50oC
  • A nut-based assembly process for easy removal of water tank
  • Cotton Filter for impurities removal
  • It comes with a sturdy base to prevent tumbling
  • Unique looking design that gels with the surrounding décor


  • Filter needs must be replaced in 30 days
  • The water level is a bit low for big cats

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A gravity water dispenser could be your savior when you are out at your office or planning a vacation for 3-4 days. Make sure you clean it regularly to ensure that the water is fresh and doesn’t develop molds or collect dust.

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