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best water bowl for cats

As a pet owner, you would agree that keeping the cats hydrated could be an exhausting job. They tend to avoid contact with water and are very wary when it comes to drinking. Now, the story is exactly the opposite if you talk about dogs. They love playing around in the water. So, if you have a cat around, the best way to make them drink is to get a water bowl that fits their needs.

So, how would you choose the best water bowl for cats? Well, here is a complete guide with the best options to help you select what’s right for your cat.

Without further ado, let us begin the hydration journey for your cat! But before moving forward let’s have a look at our top recommendations for the best water bowls for cats:

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We recommend most to get a cat drinking fountain because cats like flowing water and a fountain ensure the continuous supply of clean water, but at the same time, a bowl can be a cost-effective option.

Buying Guide for the Best Water Bowl for Cats

If your feline friend is grumpy about drinking water, it is time to get a new & better water bowl. Well, there are several different choices out there, and with some research, you will be able to find the right bowl for the pet cat.

Cats, by nature, do not like to muddle around in the water. So, if the water they drink is not right – for instance, it is too hot, or they do not like their water bowl – these furry creatures might well opt to skip drinking.

Likewise, most cats will brush aside the water bowl & drink from waterholes instead, oft for several reasons you cannot work out. That is why selecting the right water bowl for your cat can be so crucial.

Selecting the Ideal Water Bowl for your Cat

Before you select the perfect cat water bowl, consider what could spark their interest. First, of course, your cat’s personality, along with eating & drinking preferences, must be considered. If they do knock stuff over, for instance, getting a heavy drinking water bowl is possibly wiser.

Alternatively, if your cats don’t like their whiskers tangling with or touching stuff – as most cats do –selecting a wider water bowl would be comfier for them. Of course, it would help if you tried a couple of different water bowls before buying one they like. Luckily, most of them are affordable.

Considerations include:

1-Depth: Shallow dishes can require topping up almost always than deeper water bowls. However, your cat might have a preference for themselves.

2-Material: Cat water bowls are made of several different materials & they all come with their pros & cons, which you will know about in detail below.

3-Height: When it comes to water bowls for cats, elevated ones are ideal for lowering the strain on your cat’s neck & back. A height of 4-5 inches is best for most cats, but the water bowl must reach the knee height of your cat for the perfect fit.

4-Size: The wider the water bowl, the better is a usual trend in many cases. But if your cat does not mind a smaller bowl, it might be a better choice for narrow feeding spaces.

4 Types of Cat Water Bowl

1. Wide bowls

They are made out of plastic, metal, or ceramic & might be all that your cat requires to stay hydrated all along the day. Many cats do not like their whiskers touching the sides of their water bowl, so smaller bowls just will not cut it.

By providing your cat a wide bowl, their head has a lot of room to move around amply without their whiskers touching against the sides.

2. Elevated Bowls

Particularly, these bowls can be good for older cats, but it’s best for cats of any age. Elevated bowls have a pedestal-type base or thick base that lifts the bowl for easier reach.

Moreover, these bowls are comfier for cats to quench their thirst & reduce the strain from their back & neck.

You might find a wide range of these bowls online. Elevated bowls often come in a pack of two, granting you to have a water & food bowl for cats in one proper purchase.

3. Water Fountain Bowl

You might have noted that your cat loves the sight, sound, & zest of running water. Whether they have adored a running bathtub tap or the one in your kitchen washbasin, it’s clear that they admire water in motion.

However, water fountain bowls come in different varieties, sizes, & shapes, so you’ll have no issue picking out one for your cat.

Water fountain bowls often provide numerous little fountains for your pet to drink. Moreover, this bowl won’t just attract your cat & keep them hydrous, but it will also keep your cat entertained for hours, adoring the flowing water.

4. Gravity Water Bowl 

If you have a busy way of living or tend to be inattentive when refilling your cat’s water bowl, the gravity water bowl can be the ideal fit for you & your cat. Moreover, your cat will like having a fully consistent amount of clean water each & every day.

These bowls are pretty simple & easy to use. Just fill up the water jug, & gravity does the rest of the work. When your cat drinks, the automatic waterer will refill the water immediately, ensuring that your cat always has enough clean water to drink.

Construction Types of Cat Water Bowels

1. Plastic Cat Water Bowls

Generally, plastic water bowls are the cheapest choice, but they might absorb odor with time. It will surely not be appreciated by your cat.

They might also crack, offering places for germs to grow, & unless they come with a broad base, they can easily be tipped over.

2. Metal Cat Water bowls

Generally, metal bowls are crafted from stainless steel material. Therefore, they can be cleaned with ease & don’t absorb odor. Moreover, they might help keep the water temperature cool in hot weather.

On the other hand, metal bowls are quite light. That is why they might get tipped over with ease a gawky cat.

3. Ceramic Cat Water Bowl

A ceramic or porcelain bowl is among the most opted options for a standing bowl – they are hard to knock down, easy to wash, and are affordable.

Top 10 Best Water Bowls for Cats

1. Rapsrk Stainless Steel Cat Bowls

The Rapsrk water bowl for cats features a stackable design that is easy to store and can be used for travel purposes. This 2-piece combination can be used for providing water and food to your cat. Crafted from stainless steel, this bowl doesn’t corrode or rust at all.

A healthy choice for cats needing hydration, you can quickly replace the old plastic bowl with this stainless steel variant. The best feature about this bowl is that it doesn’t hold any odor even when left out for long. It is the Best Water Bowl for Cats.

The high-quality material embedded into the bowl is bite-resistant & even non-toxic for the cats. Compared with the ceramic variants, this stainless steel bowl is very light in weight, shatterproof, & durable well.


  • Easy to clean design with no hard-to-reach crevices
  • Can hold as much as 8 ounces of water
  • Sanitary and durable bowl with an anti-skid base
  • It doesn’t have any tip design or corners that might hurt your cat
  • Made of food-grade, safe stainless steel material


  • Rubber-base starts to disintegrate after washing in the dishwasher
  • The rubber coating might leave an off-putting smell
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2. LIONWELI Green Ceramic Elevated Raised Cat Bowl 

Available in 5 different and beautiful colors, the Lionwei ceramic cat bowl is made from safe and healthy material that cats would especially adore. The water bowl is crafted from 100 percent porcelain ceramic & features natural wood as its stand.

The bowl is crafted from ceramic free of cadmium or leads to ensure all your cat drinks are healthy and safe water. This bowl can easily handle hot or warm water and doesn’t release any smell while staying durable for years. The bowl features a 2.75 inches depth with a 6-inch diameter.

The practically designed stand helps raise the bowl to a 6-inch height and helps the cats drink easily without bending the head. In turn, it aids in preventing vomiting, which is ideal for better digestion, especially for elder cats.


  • The stand features a non-slip design of wooden material
  • Convenient design that can be washed with ease
  • Dishwasher-safe design to help with easy & faster cleaning
  • It comes with a 90-days warranty on the bowl
  • The detachable wooden stand is easy to store


  • Wood might end up developing fungus after being used for long
  • Stands might not be as sturdy and tend to tilt with ease
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3.  YHY Elevated Cat Food Bowl

Does your cat have a hard time drinking water from low-lying bowls? Do they vomit every time they try to drink water? The Y YHY water bowl for cats is designed with a slight tilt to help pile up or center the water to help evade any instances of vomiting.

Further, the water bowl helps reduce any neck strain and allows the cat to drink or eat in a better position with optimum comfort. The water bowl is more suited for old cats that suffer from arthritis and other issues limiting their mobility.

The Y YHY water bowl also comes with clear measuring marks that help improve the cat’s drinking habits. For example, you can measure how much water your cat drinks in a day and add some flavoring to the water if they drink less than required. It is particularly handy for cats that suffer from diabetes, urinary problems, or kidney issues.


  • It comes with a 15oz water-holding capacity
  • High sides help avoid any spilling of water
  • It doesn’t require frequent refilling
  • The sturdy ceramic material that is dishwasher and microwave safe
  • It comes with a wide and stable bottom


  • The bowl might start chipping if mishandled
  • It is a bit too heavy and isn’t as portable
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4. Our Pets Durapet Cat Bowl 

If your cat doesn’t love any exotic or extraordinary design, stick to this simplistic water bowl for cats brought to you by Durapet. Made from durable-quality stainless steel, this bowl serves as a healthy option to replace your cat’s plastic bowl with.

The patented design has a skid-proof bottom and is fairly easy to wipe off any dirt and clean. Moreover, the bowl is available at a pocket-friendly price tag. To prevent any skidding issues, the bowl comes with a permanent bonded-ring silicone design at the bottom.

This unique design helps prevent any tipping or sliding during feeding time. Another issue that ails most cats and prevents them from drinking properly is whisker fatigue. The design of this water bowl helps prevent this painful and stressful condition for the cat during drinking or feeding.


  • The water bowl is dishwasher safe & ensures hygiene
  • Material is completely rust and abrasion-resistant
  • It doesn’t hold any odors from the water or food
  • It comes in four different sizes depending on your cat’s requirements
  • Allows plenty of whisker-space to help the cat accommodate the face with ease


  • Removing the label from the bowl can be exhausting
  • It isn’t heavy and tends to topple very easily
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5. Frewinky Cat Bowls,Ceramic Bowls Anti Vomiting

Available in two amazing colors of green and pink, these water bowls don’t just function as a great drinking space for your cat but also add to the aesthetics of your space. The best thing about this water bowl is that it helps reduce the spine pressure in cats that ail from arthritis or back pain.

Further, the bowl allows the cat to drink as much water as possible without straining its neck. This elevated cat bowl design helps prevent the backflow of water and food in the form of vomiting. Plus, ceramic cat water bowls tend to be healthy for your cat & even durable when compared to plastic, metal, or stainless steel bowls. No doubt it’s the Best Water Bowl for Cats.

The bowl design prevents the cat from facing issues such as chin acne. Its large-capacity design in an oval shape can carry about 13.5 ounces of water with ease. The water doesn’t spill too easily and keeps the mat clean.


  • Design inspired by diamonds to make it sturdy
  • Features a reinforced ceramic material
  • It helps reduce fighting & anxiety between cats
  • Easy clean design that is dishwasher safe as well
  • Allows horizontal drinking and eating pattern


  • Bowl starts chipping after few uses
  • It tends to touch the whiskers; your cats might not like it
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6. FOREYY Raised Cat Food and Water Bowl Set

The YY Forey water bowl comes in the perfect height to allow the cats a chance for a comfortable drinking and feeding experience. Keeping in mind the cat’s body anatomy, this water bowl helps prevent backflow risks. Further, the elevated bowl height helps reduce the body strain and pressure on the joints, bones, and muscles.

The bowl design also helps increase the overall appetite of the cats and prevents the possibility of vomiting. Available in pairs, you can keep the two bowls separate from each other while ensuring the food and water do not mix up in any way.

These raised bowls for cats are crafted from premium-quality pottery material that doesn’t chip near the rims. The material is free of cadmium and lead that can easily be washed in a dishwasher. The bowl is also microwave safe and handles any tossing or toppling with ease.


  • The bowl features a non-skid loop made of silicone at the base
  • Creates minimum mess with a stable base
  • Ideal for aging pets or cats with arthritis
  • It doesn’t scar the floor even when moved around
  • Features a water-resistant finish


  • Silicone ring could be a bit ill-fitting
  • Bowl isn’t deep enough, doesn’t hold a lot of water
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7. TRENZADO Elevated Stainless Steel Bowls

Flaunting a detachable design, the Trenzado cat water bowl features two raised bowls that can easily be stacked one on another to save up space when traveling. The bowl also comes with a suction cup that helps them stay firm to the base without toppling down.

The high-quality material used for the bowl makes it easily cleanable and features a stainless steel design of the 304 grade. The base is crafted from high-quality ABS plastic that doesn’t break off very easily. In addition, the design is durable and rust-proof to prevent any break-off when dropped accidentally.

With Trenzado, disassembling is fairly easy and features a tilted design that can be adjusted to a 15-degree incline. The tilt helps the cats to position themselves per their body’s comfort. For example, you can position the bowl at several angles depending on your cat’s height.


  • Rubber feet to ensure the bowl doesn’t skid
  • High-capacity bowl with a concentrated bottom design
  • The bowl-base can be disassembled when needed
  • Smooth bowl design that can be cleaned with ease
  • Holds about 21 ounces of water


  • ABS plastic base might leave a weird smell lingering
  • The color starts to come off after few uses
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8. PetHaven Dog Bowl Cat Bowl 

Designed with food-safe material, the PetHaven cat water bowl is durable & can easily be sanitized for your cat’s health. In addition, this 18/8 cat bowl doesn’t rust even when exposed to any acidic food content. Most of all, stainless steel tends to be safe for your cat and doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals in the long run.

The pet bowl features a double-walled design that maintains the temperature of the water. It helps keep the water cool even in hot weather conditions. Cats love to drink cool water and hate it when the temperature goes high.

The bowl can easily hold about 56 ounces of water, so you don’t have to refill it now and then. The water bowl is dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned. The PetHaven bowl is highly durable and can easily be sanitized post use. Best of all, the cat water bowl is corrosion resistant.


  • Features a non-slip base made of rubber
  • Scratch-free design that lasts for years
  • Features a laser-engraved PetHaven logo to add that oomph factor
  • It doesn’t produce unwanted noise from sliding when the cat is drinking
  • Designed to minimize any food or water slippage


  • The bottom rubber might start to come off after washing with hands
  • The outer layer tends to start chipping off
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9. FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls

The Foreyy cat water bowl is designed to ensure easy swallowing of water for your pets. The elevated design provides your cat easy access to water to avoid the backflow with reduced bloating or neck strain. As a result, your cat’s digestive health improves dramatically, and they don’t have to deal with whisker’s fatigue.

The bowl can be cleaned with ease with its detachable design. This elevated pet feeder helps ensure there is no spilling in the feeding location, promoting sanitary habits. In addition, the feeder table features a stable and anti-skid design that prevents your cat from toppling it around.

The durable and non-leaching design is sanitary and safe when cleaned in a dishwasher. In addition, the bamboo-made stand brings in water-resistant property that doesn’t rot or hold fungus even in the long run. Due to its features we give it a spot on the list of the Best Water Bowl for Cats.


  • The strong stand material has a good tensile strength to avoid cracks
  • Low-density material to ensure that its light in weight
  • The bowl doesn’t move around inside the table when being used
  • Holds as much as 20 ounces of water
  • Ideal for pets that suffer from bloating or megaoesophagus


  • Joint of the table aren’t sturdy
  • Assembly can be tiresome
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10. SWEEJAR Ceramic Raised Cat Bowls

The Sweejar cat water bowl is designed to reduce any neck burden. The bowl is raised at a perfect height to ensure that your cat can drink comfortably and enjoy it while drinking. In addition, the unique titled design ensures that the cat’s beard doesn’t press down or make them feel uneasy.

Further, the perfectly designed tilt angle ensures that the food doesn’t become inaccessible for the cat. As a result, the cat helps prevent any backflow and aids in stomach relaxation while reducing occasional vomiting.

The bowl is made out of professional-grade, high-quality ceramic that is crafted from durable porcelain. Additionally, the material is completely dishwasher-safe and can be used in the microwave.


  • Each bowl packs in 10 ounces water-holding capacity
  • Ceramic material prevents bacterial growth in the bowl
  • Lead-free material with SGS authentication
  • Can be cleaned with ease by dishwasher or hand
  • Reduces neck burden on your cats


  • Holds very less water; too shallow
  • A bit pricey for its features
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Comparison Table for 10 Best Water Bowl for Cats

ProductWater Holding CapacityColorsAdditional AccessoriesMaterial
Rapsrk Stainless Steel Water Bowl for Cats8 ouncesBlack and SteelRubber-BaseStainless Steel
Lionwei Lionweli Elevated Ceramic Cat Bowl28 ouncesGreen, Grey, Pink, White, YellowWooden Stand  Ceramic
Y YHY Elevated Water Bowl for Cats15 ouncesWhite, Lake BlueNo AccessoriesCeramic
Durapet Cat Stainless Steel Water Bowl8 ouncesSilver, SteelSilicone-Bonded Base RingStainless Steel
Frewinky Cat Raised Water Bowl13.5 ouncesGreen, Pink, WhiteNo AccessoriesCeramic
YY Forey Water Bowl for Cats-NA-White, Blue, PinkNon-Skid Loop Made of SiliconeCeramic
Trenzado Elevated Green Cat Water Bowl21 ouncesGreenABS Plastic BaseStainless Steel and ABS Plastic
PetHaven Stainless Steel Cat Water Bowl56 ouncesBlackNon-Skid BaseStainless Steel
FOREYY Raised Cat Water Bowl with Stands20 OuncesSteel, BrownWooden StandStainless Steel
Sweejar Raised Water Bowl for Cats5 OuncesGrey, Pink, Turquoise, WhiteNo AccessoriesCeramic

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using dental water additives for cats to maintain dental hygiene and if your cat splashes a lot then use we recommend getting the best spill-proof cat water bowl, and for those cats who play with bowls, the best-weighted cat water bowls can be a competent solution.

A variety of water bowls for cats are available in the market like; raised cat water bowl, gravity water bowl for cats, and specialized type bowls such as water bowls for Persian cats. Just decide what you need then start looking for the right product.


With these things in mind, you can easily pick up the best bowl for your feline friend. Keep in mind that each cat has a different personality and what suits one might not suit another.

Remember that ceramic and stainless steel are both great for preventing any odor, corrosion, or leaching.

Change the water regularly and keep the water away from any direct source of sunlight to avoid mold formation.

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