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water bowl for Persian cats

Selecting the right water bowl for Persian cats can be very confusing. Even a slight difference during the selection process can distort the eating experience, health, & habits of your pets. In addition, Persian cats have long hairs with flat faces, which could be challenging for pet parents to help them drink water without issues such as choking or chin acne due to wet hair.

We have narrowed down the best choices for your Persian cats to allow them to drink water with ease. So let us check them out!

We also recommend you to visit the best water bowl for cats, here we list our best recommendations that can be used for any cat.

1. Anzline Ceramic Inclined Mouth Ceramic Cat Bowl

Available in yellow and pink colors, the Anzline Ceramic Cat Bowl features a tilting design that helps Persian cats drink with ease. This tilt helps keep the water in the center of the bowl and avoid spilling from the sides. It is perfect for cats with a flat face, such as Persian cats.

The bowl uses top-notch ceramic material that can be cleaned with ease while retaining hygiene. The material is dishwasher safe and scratch-resistant as well. In addition, the tilted design ensures that your cat’s stomach and mouth are in a natural alignment which helps deter any incidences of vomiting.


  • The design promotes a healthy drinking and eating experience
  • The higher incline helps even young Persian cats with a small stature
  • Smooth design & bright colors make it easy for your cat to find the bowl
  • Anti-slip design to help your cat drink without slipping the bowl
  • It doesn’t produce any squeaky noise with zero to minimal movement when drinking


  • Pricing is a bit on the higher side
  • Requires frequent refilling given its lower water holding capacity

2. The Best water Bowl for Persian Cats

The Umisun Ceramic Cat Water Bowl has an inclined food design that helps provide your Persian cat with cervical vertebra protection. This bowl also features an anti-overturning design perfect for cats with a flat face.

The water bowl can easily be washed in your dishwasher and is available in beautiful blue and green colors. Its anti-skid silicone base ensures that the bowls stay in place while your cat drinks from it. In addition, the design helps alleviate any symptoms of vomiting and helps your cat’s stomach stay relaxed.


  • Anti-skid design for a spill-free drinking experience
  • Scratch-free design that prevents bacterial contamination
  • Corrosion-resistant design that lasts long
  • Suited for water, wet food, & dry food
  • Material is designed to prevent any oil absorption


  • Shallow design
  • Protruding ear-like edges might poke your cat

3. JFmori Raised Cat Water Bowl

Available in two shades of blue, the JFmori cat water bowl has a tilted design aligned at 2.5 inches instead of the regular 2.36 inches. The design makes it easy for cats to drink water & avoid unwanted pressure on the spines due to bending.

This 15 degree tilted design ensures that your cat’s stomach doesn’t align too low and lead to issues such as acid reflux or vomiting. In addition, the backflow prevention technique implemented to create this water bowl helps keep the water in place and avoid spilling.


  • Crafted from kaolin to ensure it’s easy to clean
  • Coated with a smooth, non-toxic, lead-free glaze
  • It can easily be washed by hand or a dishwasher
  • Large surface mouth to allow big cats to drink
  • Good height to ensure that big cats can drink the water with ease


  • Height might be too much for young cats
  • It might start to chip from the sides

4. Dimo Double Cat Water and Food Bowl

Created from high-quality ABS plastic and polyvinyl chloride, the Dimo water bowl surpasses the quality standards set by other plastic-made rivals in the market. In addition, the bowl features an easy to adjust 15-degrees angle that can be set as per your cat’s size.

The bowl comes in a set of two, ideally used as a water and food bowl set. However, you can use it to quench the thirst of two cats simultaneously. The bowl also features a locking design on the side to prevent skidding or tipping.


  • Double bowl for homes with multiple cats
  • Perfect for young cats that face difficulty reaching high bowls
  • Features a silicone-based non-slip pad
  • Durable design that doesn’t spill and keeps the floor clean
  • Bowls can easily be detached for cleaning purposes


  • Tilted capacity is lower than the flat capacity
  • Plastic might induce faster bacterial growth

5. Y YHY Raised Cat Water Bowl for Persian Cats

Available in grey, white, and lake blue colors, the Y YHY Cat Water Bowl is perfect for Persian cats with a flat mouth. The design supports the reduction of vomiting issues while creating a suitable stomach-to-mouth posture.

The water bowl allows the cats to drink easily and features a 5-inch surface width. The tilted angle helps keep the water piled up in the center to avoid spilling as the cat slurps from the bowl. No doubt it is one of the best water bowl for Persian cats.


  • Best for a flat-face cat such as the Persians
  • Avoids the water from being pushed off the edges
  • It helps create a natural neckline when drinking
  • Creates minimum mess and keeps the area clean
  • It can be washed in a dishwasher


  • Material is a bit on the thinner side
  • Might chip easily

6. Top Rated Water Bowl for Persian Cats

Featuring a detachable design, the JWPC Cat Water Bowl is perfect for Persian cats and cats of all sizes. The bowl is made of resin material and is available in various colors that include black, pink, and white.

The base is created with rubber that is super-safe, scratch-resistant, and non-toxic for cats that drink water out of it. The base design is easy to adjust and allows pets to eat comfortably. In addition, the raised bowl design allows the water to be centered with minimum spillage.


  • Contains zero toxins with eco-friendly material used
  • It doesn’t lead to water or food wastage
  • Anti-slip base helps the bowl stay in place
  • Perfect for cats with a flat face like Persian cats
  • Bowl can easily be separated from the base for cleaning


  • The bowl might spill when you move it from one spot to another
  • The material smells bad when taken out of the package

7. Frewinky Elevated Cat Water Bowl for Persian Cats

The Frewinky Cat Water Bowl is a stylish piece that serves your cat water and adds to the style quotient. This raised water bowl is perfect for small cats and flat-faced cats. In addition, the anti-vomiting design helps create the right posture for your cat’s stomach and neck when drinking water.

Available in blue and deep blue color, this water bowl is created from high-quality ceramic that lasts long without breaking. As a result, it helps reduce the spine pressure and is a healthier choice compared to bowls made of plastic, metal, or stainless steel.


  • It helps prevent chin acne by keeping the chin free from water
  • It prevents spillage and reduces mess
  • Can easily hold dry/wet food & water
  • Dishwasher safe design to ensure easy cleaning
  • The microwave-friendly ceramic that resists high temperatures


  • Finishing might come off with regular use
  • Weight is too light; big cats can knock it off

8. FancyStudio Cat Water Bowl for Persian Cats

Featuring a 25-degree tilt, the FancyStudio cat water bowl is the perfect solution for your Persian cat’s hydration needs. In addition, its anti-vomiting tilt design helps line up the cat’s stomach and mouth to prevent issues such as regurgitation or acid reflux.

Available in a bright white color, this cat water bowl keeps the water piled up in the center and reduces spilling. The design helps reduce any form of neck burden and, in turn, helps your cat drink without strain.


  • Uses food-grade ceramic to prevent toxicity
  • It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like cadmium or lead
  • Safe for use in microwave and dishwasher
  • Ceramic helps restrain any bacterial growth in water
  • It doesn’t scratch easily as compared to plastic


  • Small water holding capacity
  • The bowl could have been taller

9. Aivituvin Elevated Cat Water Bowl with Anti-Slip Mat

Featuring a 15-degree tilt, the Aivituvin Cat Water Bowl is an ideal solution for cats with flat faces that deal with difficulties when eating or drinking. In addition, this water feeder comes with a high-quality walnut wood stand that helps alleviate the bowl and doesn’t require the cat to bend a lot.

The anti-slip mat that comes with this bowl helps prevent any accidental slipping of the bowl as the cat drinks water from it. It is available in small and medium sizes, depending on how big or small your cat is.


  • Deep bowl to contain a good amount of water
  • It helps reduce neck pressure and spine strain
  • Anti-slip feet to prevent sliding when being used
  • Durable and sanitary design for use over years
  • Dishwasher safe and non-leaching design for cats’ safety


  • Cats might scratch off the mat out of habit
  • The wood stand might rot if not cleaned properly after use

10. UPSKY Raised Cat Water Bowl for Persian Cats

The UPSKY cat water bowl allows you to adjust the tilt from 0 degrees to a whopping 30 in a matter of seconds. Available in a range of colors, this water bowl comes in beautiful tints: black, white, grey, blue, and pink.

The bowl features a magnetic design that allows you to adjust the cat’s feeding posture to suit their needs. This is especially helpful in case you have multiple cats at home.


  • Comfortable design that is easy to clean and remove
  • An inclined surface allows water to stay centered and avoid spillage
  • Features 4 rubbers in the base to avoid skidding
  • Ideal for serving water and dry cat food
  • Tasteless, non-toxic, & safe material for daily use


  • Magnets might not stay in place for long
  • Tilting might not work properly after a few uses

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With these options to choose from, you can ensure that your Persian cat doesn’t have to deal with any problem while drinking water from its bowl.

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