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cat water fountains uk

In the UK, cats are more popular than dogs. There are about 11.1 million owned cats in the UK. Almost 25% of the grown-up community owns a kitty.

Today, we are so invested in our busy routines and hectic schedules that we find it hard to even take care of ourselves. Often the work requires traveling, and it can become tough to manage affairs back at home. For example, pet owners get into a very tight spot when they have to travel. The cats need someone to feed them and water them. In summers, the job gets even more problematic because the owners have to make sure that the cats are properly hydrated. Cat water fountains are full, filling this job without human intervention.

The issue of rehydrating the cat can be easily managed with the help of water fountains. The water fountains are very popular these days because they provide fresh and clean water for pets. The fountain has a filter planted in its system, and it traps all kinds of impurities, pollutants and keeps the water clean and oxygenated.

Why Cats Need a Water Fountain?

You might have noticed that cats often drink from dripping faucets. They are reluctant to drink water from a bowl that has been lying there for days. It is because their instinct tells them to drink clean and oxygenated water.

Moreover, the stagnant water may also become odorous and foul. So when you ask yourself why cats need a water fountain, you must consider the following points.

Battery operated cat water fountain bring a lot of conveniences when you have to place the fountain away from the power socket or you are living in a problematic power outage area.

1. Cats Don’t Drink Enough Water

Most cats don’t need to drink much water because they get the required moisture from the prey they capture, and it is enough to keep them sustained. On the other hand, the indoor/pet cats don’t prey on mice or birds that often; their water intake remains low.

To ensure your cat gets the proper amount of water, you must provide them with a healthy source of water.

2. Hydration is a Must

Water is essential for all living things. Similarly, cats have to stay hydrated; otherwise, they may get urinary tract infections when the minerals in the urine start to crystallize and form stone due to lack of water.

3. Cats Can’t See the Water Level in the Bowl

Water bowls are great, but they need a lot of cleaning, and it is tough to spot the water level in the bowl. Cats have excellent eyesight, but they get confused when they can’t figure out the water level.

Their hearing sense is even more intense, and streaming water’s sound may be more appealing for them.

4. Still Water Can be Unsafe

Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and this can make the cats very sick. Thus, running water is much more safe and healthier.

How to Use a Cat Water Fountain

It is effortless to set up a cat water fountain. There are different designs and models of the fountain, and they come with manuals that will help you understand how to get it running.

For example, with the catit flower fountain, you only have to do the following steps.

  • Get it out of the box.
  • Take out the manuals.
  • Set the submersible aquarium pump at the bottom.
  • Place the lid on it.
  • There will be an empty spot for the three-layered filters; place it on that spot.
  • Then attach the rest of the accessories on top of it.
  • In the end, pour in some water and plug in the device, and voila, your fountain is in action.

1. Udream Pet Water Fountain

Size: 19.5 x 19.3 x 14.9 cm | Weight: 710g | Power Source: USB Connectivity | Filtration System: Carbon charcoal foam filter | Capacity: 2.4L

UDREAM is a life changer. It can be tiring keeping an eye on what pets are eating and drinking, and if you have a British shorthair, the job gets even more challenging. The loved UK breed is notorious for ingesting whatever they find. It can be a problematic habit resulting in all sorts of illnesses. To make sure your cat is drinking fresh, clean water, you need to get yourself a UDREAM Pet water fountain for cats.

It is an activated carbon filter water fountain with three impressive water streams that attract your cat. Also, it has a massive capacity of 2.4L that is perfect for multiple cats.

Why is it the Most Helpful Water Fountain For Cats in the UK?

This can be a tough job making sure your cat is hydrated, but it can be super easy with the Udream cat water fountain. It has a tremendous capacity of 2.4L, which lasts at least a week and saves you the trouble of refilling it continuously. You can work efficiently in the UK and stay in bed without worrying about your cat having enough water to drink.

The cat fountain is perfect even if you have more than one cat, as its colossal capacity holds enough water to keep at least three cats hydrated. The LED indicator on the fountain stays blue when there is enough water in the container, saving you the trouble of having to check the water levels every time you step out.


  • Massive storage capacity of 2.4L
  • The pump is energy efficient and noiseless.
  • LED indicators on the pump alert you when the bowl needs refilling.
  • The filtration system effectively filters all bacteria and is easy to clean as well.
  • 100% pet safe and attractive design


  • Not a spill-proof water fountain
  • Filter needs frequent cleaning

Why do We Recommended it?

The Udream cat water fountain is a complete package as it attracts your pet to drink water and keeps the water fresh and safe to drink with its efficient filtration system, which is why it is the perfect investment in your pet’s health.

2. Best Cat Water Fountain of UK

Size: 21 x 16 x 24 cm | Weight: 900g | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System: Activated carbon filter | Capacity: 2L

PET mate is superb. The average cat parent in the UK prefers kibble over wet cat food. However, kibble can be dehydrating, and you need to make sure your cat is drinking water as not being hydrated enough can cause serious illnesses.

One way to make assured of that is the Pet mate cat mate water fountain. It is a pet-safe water fountain especially designed for cats, keeping their drinking habits in mind.

The cat mate water fountain for cats is perfect due to its attractive 2 in 1 fountain and water bowl design that appeals to your cat’s curiosity, making it drink from the bowl. It has an attractive design and an effective activated carbon filtration system that keeps the water fresh and safe for your cat to drink.

Why is it the Most Dependable Water Fountain for Cats in the UK?

In case you’ve been looking for an all-in-one bowl and fountain, the cat mate water fountain is perfect for you. It doesn’t have any detachable pieces that make up the fountain, unlike most pet fountains, so you don’t have to worry about your cat choking on anything.

Instead of the usual fountain, Pet mate went a step ahead and designed a water ramp and bowl design that keeps the water running to attract your pet and stores it in two bowls at different heights, making it the perfect water fountain for kittens. The flowing water attracts your cat, and the bowl makes it easy for them to drink, making it the perfect water fountain.


  • Varying height drinking levels make it perfect for adult cats and kittens alike
  • 2W Energy-efficient pump
  • Designed specifically for cats
  • Water ramp design attracts pets
  • Easy to clean


  • The pump can stop working if it runs dry
  • Not waterproof

Why do We Recommended it?

If you’re worried about not finding a pet mate water fountain low enough for your kitten, this is the one. It filters the water and keeps all unsafe and contaminating materials out, leaving fresh water for your cat to drink, making it the best cat water fountain.

3. Aerb Cat Water Fountain, Pet Drinking Fountain

Size: 19.5 x 19.5 x 15 cm | Weight: 550g | Power Source: corded | Filtration System: Activated Carbon filter | Capacity: 2.4L

Aerb is the best cat water fountain for UK cats. Due to the continuous rains in the UK, everywhere is a water bowl for your naughty cat to drink from. No matter how intimately you keep an eye on them, they’re always going to find a rut or two to drink from.

There’s only one way to attract your pet to drink safe drinkable water- the AERB cat water fountain. It keeps your furry child entertained and hydrated at the same time.

Aerb is a large-capacity water fountain with different water flow variations. The water fountain has a triple carbon water filtration system that filters debris, food chunks, bacteria, and odor and makes sure your cat drinks clean water at all times.

Why is it the Most Salutary Water Fountain For Cats in the UK?

It can be tough keeping cats attracted as their attention spans tend to be super short, but the different water flow variations of the Aerb cat water fountain make sure to keep your cat interested at all times, so they stay hydrated. The running water is the ultimate tool that appeals to your cat’s curiosity and triggers its instincts, so it develops an interest in drinking fresh water from the fountain.

The fountain has three different water flows that can be adjusted according to your cat’s drinking habits- being a fountain, flower fountain, and bubbling water that keep your cat attracted to the running water. The adjustable water flow is perfect as you can set it according to your pet’s ease.


  • Attractive water design with adjustable flow
  • Huge storage capacity of 2.4L ideal for multiple pets
  • The water bowl is made of stainless steel, which is super easy to clean
  • LED light indicator keeps you aware of the water levels
  • The pump is super silent and doesn’t disturb your rest


  • The water needs to be changed every 2-3 days
  • The pump needs frequent cleaning

Why do We Recommended it?

With the Aerb cat water fountain, your pets stay healthy and hydrated at all times due to its attractive designs and effective filtration system, which is why we recommend it as the best cat water fountain.

4. ADOV Cat Water Fountain, Flower Style Dispenser 

Size: 17 x 17 x 12 cm | Weight: 651g | Power Source: corded | Filtration System: Activated carbon and charcoal ion filter | Capacity: 2.4L

While UK tap water is among the safest parts globally, it contains many minerals like chlorine and magnesium that may not be safe for cats and can cause severe illnesses and infections.

But what if you could filter all those out? Because it’s possible with the ADOV cat water fountain. It is the ultimate package as it has an attractive design and three water flow settings.

It is a water fountain with attractive water flow variations and an activated carbon-ion filtration system that filters the harsh minerals and supplies fresh water from its fountain that is entirely safe for your cat to drink from.

Why is it the Most Dependable Water Fountain for Cats in the UK?

The ADOV cat water fountain is perfect for cats. It has an effective triple filter water filtration system that filters out every harmful mineral and contaminating materials from the water and makes it safe to drink. Its three-layer filtration system filters out harmful materials step by step.

The first layer filters physical objects like hair, food chunks, and debris from the water. The second layer specifically targets tap water and softens it, filtering harmful minerals and chemicals to reduce the risk of urinary diseases and other illnesses. The final layer of charcoal purifies the water further, saves the necessary minerals, and passes it onto the fountain.


  • Designed for common UK cat breeds
  • A huge storage capacity of 2.4L keeps you relaxed for a week
  • An effective filtration system keeps the water clean
  • Made of BPA free materials
  • LED indicator window keeps you aware of water levels at all times


  • Comes with a bulky AC adapter that tends to overheat
  • Needs frequent cleaning

Why do We Recommended it?

The Adov cat water fountain is the best cat water fountain on the market, as it is perfect in all aspects, from filtration systems to design and materials used. It is perfect for keeping your pet attracted to drinking water and filters water effectively.

5. Catit Original Flower Fountain with Water Level Window

Size: 21.01 x 21.01 x 19.56 cm | Weight: 600g | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System: Activated carbon and ion exchange filter | Capacity: 3L

Catit is loved by cats all over the world. Like every other cat breed worldwide, loved cat breeds of the UK need adequate hydration to stay healthy and active. But just because water is necessary for your cat, you can’t just give them tap water.

To make sure your cat is drinking fresh, safe to drink water, you need to get yourself a CATIT water fountain. It has an attractive water flow fountain design and an effective filtration system that effectively filters all impurities, minerals, odor, and other contaminants.

Why is it the Best Water Fountain for Cats in the UK?

The CATIT water fountain has a triple layer filtration system that traps all contaminants and softens tap water, so it is safe to drink. The filtration system has three layers: a cotton mesh filter, activated carbon, and an ion exchange resin.

The first layer of cotton mesh comes in handy to filter physical contaminants like hair, food chunks, and debris and passes it onto the next layer of premium activated carbon that filters harsh chemicals like chlorine and magnesium that cause urinary diseases and the final layer of ion exchange resin softens tap water and passes it onto the surface for your cat to drink.


  • Huge water capacity of 3L enough for more than one cat
  • Triple water filtration filters water and makes it safe to drink
  • Ultra silent and energy-efficient pump
  • Three adjustable water flows in one fountain
  • Made of BPA free materials


  • No water level indicators
  • Naughty pets may spill from the bowl

Why do We Recommended it?

The Catit cat water fountain is perfect for your cats as it filters all sorts of impurities and harsh minerals from water and passes it onto the surface through 3 different water streams that encourage cats to drink from it frequently.

6. NICREW Cat Water Fountain Pet Flower Drinking Fountain for Small Dogs

Size: 20 x 17.5 x 13.5 cm | Weight: 800g | Power Source: USB connectivity | Filtration System: Activated carbon charcoal filter | Capacity: 2.4L

Nicrew is Pet parents favorite in Uk. Are you worried about your British Shorthair’s health? Has your cat been drinking water from rain puddles and other weird sources?

Then look no further, because the NICREW Cat water fountain has especially been developed for cats in the UK and is designed according to their drinking habits and to encourage them to drink fresh filtered water.

Why is it the Best Water Fountain for Cats in the UK?

The NICREW cat water fountain is the ultimate solution to encourage your cat to drink water and keep them interested with its adjustable and attractive water flows. It comes with three fantastic water streams that can be alternated according to your pet’s preference.

The one common factor in the varying water flows is the running water which appeals to your cat’s curiosity and makes them drink water frequently. It has three water flow options:

  • A high flowing fountain.
  • A flower fountain.
  • A bubbling fountain that falls into a stainless steel water bowl.

It appeals to even the pickiest cats and intrigues them to the point that they end up drinking from it often.


  • The stainless steel water bowl is easy to clean and easy to drink from
  • The triple-action water filtration system filters water efficiently and gets rid of all impurities and harsh chemicals found in UK tap water
  • The blue LED light makes the fountain easier to be found in the dark and glows red when water levels are low
  • The pump is energy efficient and super silent
  • Attractive design and varying water flows


  • The pump needs frequent cleaning
  • The filter needs frequent replacement

Why do We Recommended it?

If you’re looking for a water fountain that filters harsh chemicals and is attractive to your picky drinker simultaneously, the Nicrew water fountain is the water fountain to pick.

7. Ecoastal Cat Water Fountain 2.4L

Size: 19.1 x 11.4 x 16.5 cm | Weight: 680g | Power Source: USB connectivity | Filtration System: Activated carbon and Ion exchange filter | Capacity: 2.4L

Ecoastal is fab. Making sure your cat drinks fresh yet safe water only and has enough water back home even when you go to work can be tough, but with the Ecoastal cat water fountain, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

It is the perfect cat water fountain on the UK market as it is specifically designed for UK cats and has a triple action filtration system that keeps the water fresh and clean at all times. The water levels are easy to monitor with the water level window on the bowl that glows blue at night and is easy for your pet to find.

Why is it the Best Water Fountain for Cats in the UK?

If you have more than one cat at home, it cannot be easy to fill up their water bowls repeatedly and make sure they’re hydrated. But the Ecoastal cat water fountain is an easy solution with its huge water storage capacity of 2.4L. It stores enough water to last at least a week and is enough for three cats.

The ultra-silent pump keeps the water running at all times without using up too much voltage and prevents any algae build-up. The running water is attractive to pets as well, and the varying water flows keep your cats interested in drinking water frequently.


⦁ Energy-efficient silent pump
⦁ Includes a Night vision LED water level window
⦁ Easy to use and clean
⦁ A triple-layer filtration system makes sure your cat has safe drinkable water at all times
⦁ Made of antibacterial PP resin material


⦁ The pump can stop working if left dry for too long
⦁ Not dishwasher or detergent friendly

We recommend the Ecoastal cat water fountain as it is specifically designed for cats and can hold adequate amounts of water and filters it efficiently.

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

Recommended capacity for the water fountain?

It depends on your need. A 100-ounce capacity fountain can hydrate multiple cats at a time and needs a weekly refill.

How to clean the fountain?

It is effortless to clean the fountain. All you have to do is take out the filter and wash it thoroughly every once in a while.

Is the fountain coast efficient?

Yes. The water fountain consumes a minimal amount of electricity. The wattage of the fountain pump is only 4 watts.

Why do cats need it?

Cats need it because it is a source of fresh and clean water. Moreover, it is also helpful for the owners and saves them a lot of time.


A cat water fountain in Uk is a must because cats tend to be moody in the United Kingdom. The prospect of flowing water intrigues cats a lot and this keeps them hydrated.

We recommend Udream and Catit owing to the beautiful design and productive nature. Summer is around the corner so make sure to arrange a cat water fountain for your furry friend.

Our resource what can cat drink besides water? Help you to understand what you can offer your cat to drink besides the water. So your cat can enjoy different liquids.

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