Why is My Cat Drinking So Much Water?

cat drinking a lot of water suddenly

Cats are very anti-water. Not to say that cats will deliberately keep themselves thirsty. A cat will happily drink enough water to sustain itself for hours. But they will not go out of their way to drink water unnecessarily.

What to Do When a Kitten is Not Drinking Water?

kittens not drinking water

Be aware that kittens often get water and liquid hydration through the kitten formula or their mother’s milk when they’re smaller than four weeks. Often, it’s their mother who teaches them about solid food and water.

10 Best Dental Water Additives for Cats in 2022

Dental Water Additives for Cats

Most cat owners would be ignorant that even their lovely pets need clean water that helps maintain their dental hygiene while ensuring proper hydration. Lack of proper water hygiene can lead to rotten teeth or dental diseases and other problems like digestive issues, diarrhea, and other diseases along the line.

How Long Can A Cat Survive Without Water?

how long can a cat survive without water

Dehydration in cats can be fatal if not treated. Follow the information above and give your cat different modes of water. If they’re reluctant to drink water, feed them with a syringe if necessary. And use wet food when needed. Knowing your cat is healthy and well-hydrated will be a comfort.

9 Ways to Encourage Your Cat to Drink More

ways to encourage your cat to drink more

Cats are quite stubborn animals. They will not change their behavior just because you want them too. You have to persuade them by offering tasty beverages that smell good and taste great! Use these nine ways for a proper feline hydration program.

4 Reasons Why Are Cats Scared of Water?

why are cats scared of water

You cats hates water and you are wondering why are cats scared of water? This article will offer some essential details to all cat owners on why their cats might be afraid of water.