5 Ways to Prevent Algae in the Cat Water Fountain

Algae in Cat water fountain

Cats don’t love slurping on the water as much as dogs do. Add to this algal growth in the water bowl, and it is a recipe for disaster. A great way to make your cat drink more water is to use a cat water fountain. However, even this fountain is no exception to algae infestation.

How to Disinfect Cat Water Fountain?

how to disinfect cat water fountain

The water fountain is the main spot for a cat’s drinking water.You may be tempted to just ignore it, but if you do this over and over again, your pet will suffer from health problems. This article provides useful tips about how to disinfect your cat water fountain.

How to Prevent Slime in Pet Water Fountain?

How to Prevent Slime in Pet Water Fountain?

Slime seen in the pet’s water fountain or bowl could be bacterial formation oven watery surfaces that tend to form a slippery film. It is also known as a biofilm. In the worst case of infestation, this could make your cats sick. However, in the least harmful scenario, it might cause dental issues, watery eyes, tear stains, upset tummies, and so on.