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Catit Flower Water Fountain

The Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain has been an Amazon bestseller since its debut. Described as the almost perfect water fountain for finicky pets, the Catit Senses 2.0 fountain offers multiple features that make drinking water fun for your pet if you ever thought that was possible!

Catit Flower Water Fountain
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Although the Catit Senses 2.0 model may seem similar to many other pet fountains, it’s very different from the many options you may have seen online.

  • It offers three water fountain features that allow for maximum water oxygenation and holds up to three liters of water filtered to stay fresh.
  • Features a flower on top, making for a charming addition to your home’s aesthetic. But that’s where the similarities end.
  • This water fountain offers numerous features such as an LED nightlight, water level indicator windows.
  • It allows your pet to drink water even if the water is turned off. Unlike other fountains that give you buttons or other features to control the flow.
  • Allows you to push and twist the flower up to create longer water streams.
  • The fountain is run with the help of an ultra-quiet, small motor and pump that keeps the water running.
  • The structure is made using Polypropylene, a BPA-free material. This item weighs 1.9 pounds, putting it to the Goldilocks zone for the ideal weight, so your pet doesn’t push it around.
  • Overall, the Catit 2.0 senses flower fountain is the perfect choice for any pet owner who wants their pet to stay hydrated.

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The Pros of Catit Flower Water Fountain

Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain, Cat Drinking Water Fountain

The Catit 2.0 senses fountain is particularly popular among cats, so if you want to develop your cat’s drinking habits, it’s best to buy a fountain now so that your cat gets used to it.

The fountain is more prominent than your average bowl of water. However, its slanted top and round shape make the fountain easier to access for cats and kittens alike. This cat fountain features three water-flow settings, each for different drinkers. So, if your cat drinks exclusively from the water bowl, putting the fountain on the lowest setting does the trick right.

But if your cats love flowing water or tap water, you can easily twist the flower up, and the water will flow from a height, creating that taste and sensation cats love. The fountain’s unique design allows the water to oxygenate more thoroughly and makes it taste better. The filters in the fountain also catch all the debris, dander, or dust that carries into the water. The ensuing flow allows the water to stay clean.

The added features, namely the LED nightlight and convenient water level indicator window might seem useless to a cat, but they’re designed for us humans. The water level indicator window gives you an idea of when you need to refill the water. The LED nightlight comes in handy when you’re walking around at night and don’t want to bump into a water-filled canister.

You’ll get several features when purchasing the water fountain, including the cat water filter and an energy-efficient pump. You’ll need some essential items such as a water- and dust-proof extension cord to keep the fountain running well. But that’s about all the extra effort you’ll need to make.

The Cons of The Catit 2.0 Senses Water Fountain

The Catit brand is very particular about its products. As such, you won’t find many complaints regarding their fountains.

However, some people have complained about pumps going bad or filters becoming moldy within a few weeks. Some fountain owners have also complained that it can be difficult to buy the certified Catit filters.

However, considering how faithful our cats have been to their Catit filters, many fountain owners now use different brands of filters and buy backup pumps to make sure their cats have fresh water at all times. Considering that these pumps and filters don’t cost as much to begin with, some owners consider it a minor issue but not something to complain about.

There have also been a few reports that the fountain gets moldy and develops biofilm over time. Given that the product is constantly filtering water and is not covered by any wayward bacteria or dust floating in the air, the fountain may develop mold on top. For that, many recommend washing the fountain once a month with warm water and a soft dishwashing product. Or you can wash it in the dishwasher.

In general, people have mostly reported positive experiences with the Catit flower fountain.

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A Few Tips and Tricks

We already know that cats like flowing water.

If your cat is picky about drinking water from a water bowl, getting at least two water fountains helps keep them hydrated. With the Catit 2.0 Senses fountain, the best trick is to put the fountains away in a nook, so your cat has to hunt or look for its water.

Mainly if your cat is active and likes to hunt, having to go into a private nook for water taps into your cat’s primitive instincts, and satisfies its needs immensely.

Also, when keeping the fountain clean, try to keep a lot of filters at hand so that you can change them during the month. This is especially important if you live in a hotter region. Humidity increases mold growth, which may increase your cat’s chance of developing health issues if it drinks mold-infested water. Change out the filters every 2–3 weeks, and keep an eye on the water level.

Finally, when refilling the water fountain after washing it, do not overfill it. There is a small level marker inside for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions From Buyers

Will the Catit 2.0 Senses Flower Fountain Require Any Maintenance?

Although the Catit 2.0 Senses is a handy tool that keeps your cat hydrated, let’s agree that it is, after all, a fountain. And like any water vessel, your fountain will require some upkeep to ensure it works well in the years to come. If the water level is not optimal, you may notice the motor getting louder with each passing day. That may indicate that it’s time to give your fountain a check-up.

You will need to refill the fountain every 3 – 4 days so that the water level does not decrease. You will also need to keep an eye for any biofilm that may develop on the water surface. That typically happens when you place the water fountain near a window. It may also be a problem if your pet sheds too much.

In general, we recommend taking apart the fountain and washing it in the dishwasher once a month, so the fountain is clear from the inside out.

Is the Catit Fountain Safe?

The Catit fountain features three water flow settings, each of which is slow so your cat can drink their water with ease. The water does not overflow, the fountain’s material is BPA-free, and it is heavy enough that your cat won’t be able to tip the fountain over.

All it needs is basic upkeep, and your water fountain will serve you well in the years to come.

Will My Cat Drink More If I Have a Water Fountain?

If your cat has always been picky about drinking water, having a fountain will pique their interest so that they drink from it.

Cats like drinking from flowing water. The mechanism of the water fountain makes them think that they’re drinking from a freshwater source. It helps that the filter system within allows the water to stay clean. In a way, they do get freshwater, which satisfies their need.

As a result, your cat ends up drinking more water because it tastes good, clean, and refreshing.


In all honesty, the Catit 2.0 Senses Flower Fountain is a no-brainer for your cat’s hydration. The fountain is affordable, sturdy, and easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s ideal for medium-sized pets or even kittens and puppies. Thanks to its different options, the water flow is small enough to intimidate any skittish kittens.

All it needs is some cleaning and maintenance and a soft touch to make sure no gunk stays behind. If kept well, this fountain will serve your cat well and will probably be one of your cat’s favorite possessions.

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