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Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountains

If you are worried sick about the state or amount of water, your cat intakes chuck out this concern by placing a highly interactive ceramic cat water fountain before feline. This will encourage your cat to drink much water and be up and kicking. This blog will cover some of the high-end but value-for-money ceramic cat water fountains to cater to the overarching needs of your cat, whether it be health, mood, lifestyle, or bounding.

Why Ceramic Cat Water Fountains?

Many readers must have been thinking why the ceramics category is chosen despite its high cost rather than metal and plastic cat water fountains.

Below are some reasons that justify the somewhat more investment on a long-term basis rather than saving a few bucks for lifetime remorse. 

  • Ceramic water fountains are eco-friendly.
  • Evades carcinogens that are galore in plastic and metal products.
  • Ceramic moderates the temperature of the water.
  • What could be more aesthetically pleasing than the ceramic is why the earlier art wonders, especially sculptures, would carve out using the same clay.
  • Ceramic water fountains are durable – free of any decaying effect such as rusting, protruding, bulging, or breaking down.

Besides ceramic cat water fountains, high-quality plastic and steel-made fountains are also available which are cost-effective and made to last for a much longer time as well as they are easy to maintain and clean. We recently published a resource in efforts to find the best cat water fountain where you find all hot selling fountains.

Things to Consider While Buying Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

While before throwing money for the cat water fountains, the following aspects must be borne in mind to land up into the right product.

  • The water fountain must be aesthetically built, so the cat relishes drinking rather than being frightened. 
  • Durable enough to stand against the pussy’s hanky-panky.
  • Inclusion of upper plate for the senior pet citizens – spine hurts when old folk bends down.
  • Multiple layers of filters to keep the water fresh.
  • Secondary battery charging is a plus point in case of prolonged power outages.
  • The water fountain must be spacious enough to hold sufficient water so that the owner proceeds to short trips worry-free. 
  • Finally, the price tag must be synchronized with the quality.

Well, we have selected the quintessential products for your perusal. Let’s check these out.

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain丨Ultra Quiet, Way Better Than Plastic丨Water Fountains for Cats and Dogs 2.1 Liters Pet Water Dispenser with Replacement Filters and Foam, White

Size: 10.7 x 10.7 x 5.5 inches | Weight: 3.17 Kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System: Triple | Capacity: 2.1L

Key features

  • Whisper silent mechanism — does not fret the cat away.
  • Adorable lotus design rivets up the appetite.
  • Three-stage purification accumulates debris, removes odour, and softens the water.
  • UV light lamp steers the way during night time.

iPettie is a whisper free ceramic cat fountain to handle the drinking needs of the house cats optimally. The best thing about the iPettie is its continuous-cum-glamorous supply of potable water to the kitten. iPettie is a recommended choice for cats who are repulsive to plastic drinking fountains; only a ceramic fountain could allure them remain hydrated.

The lotus design of iPettie does not hinder the exquisite decor of the cat’s home. The design is interactive for both the cat and the householders.

The mechanism of the iPettie lotus cat fountain is simple to the core. The fountain is fitted with a submersible pump that ensures the constant supply of up to 20,000 hours. The time-span is comfy enough to cover the lifetime of your cat. iPettie ensures a pure water supply by triple purification; firstly, debris accumulation, secondly, odour removal, and thirdly, priming water to gulp.

Ceramic is a healthy material, so there is no need to worry about the noxious mixing of foreign microparticles.

Finally, iPettie is simple to use and install. The installation process consists of a few handy steps. At the same time, the cleaning is possible with a piece of rag or sponge. In short, if your cat’s instincts are high on aesthetics and you want a quality product with a unique design, you should go for this lotus-shaped iPettie cat fountain.

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Aurora Cat Water Fountain Porcelain, Pet Fountain

ceramic cat water fountain

Size: 10 x 10 x 5.5 inches | Weight: 2.11 Kg | Power Source: Corded |  Filtration System: Four-layer

Key features

  • 1300°C reinforced porcelain is easy to clean.
  • Four-later filtration distils the water optimally.
  • Constant recirculation of water maximizes oxygenation.
  • Perfect threshold Stays below the threshold of 40 decibels.

There are two leading non-plastic cat fountain materials; ceramic and porcelain. Although both are more or less the same, made from baked clay. The only difference is the density of the clay. This is why we counted Aurora into the broader ceramic umbrella. Aurora is spearheading the porcelain cat fountains by providing state-of-the-art products in this genre.

Porcelain is resistant to scratches and noxious manipulation. Aurora, thanks to Porcelain energy, hinders the infestation of bacteria in the first place.

Cats are peace-loving creatures who could easily be irritated by mechanical sounds. Aurora cat fountain understands this bottleneck and keeps the sound quiet. Furthermore, the usability of Aurora is simple to the core. It takes a jiffy to roll out the system easily.

Battery operated cat water fountain are not available in ceramics material for that you have to select standard options.

Aurora filters the water by passing through the four layers, and the end product for your cat is safe and sound. Nevertheless, the filter needs to be changed after every four weeks. While the 360° flow aerates the water hence prevents the cat from kidney failure. Overall, Aurora is a nice product in a budget price range.

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PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain – Automatic Water Dispenser

PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain - Automatic Water Dispenser - Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain for Pets - Filter Included - Taupe - 70 oz

Size: 10.63 x 12.37 x 8.38 inches | Weight: 3.02 Kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System: Dual | Capacity: 2.07L

Key features

  • Elevated dish to accommodate the older pets.
  • Easy to reach crevices facilitate drinking.
  • Multiple free-fall water streams make the fountain interactive.
  • Options in colors Available in four exciting colour streams.

The USA based PetSafe cat fountain is one of the best ways to keep your cat hydrated by alluring it to gulp more water. The drinking is spurred by enmeshing water streams into a free fall fantasy. The cat fountain could not be more decorated than this theme.

The dual filtration process gets rid of dirty or stalled water in the first place. This feat is achieved by foam and carbon layers of the filter. As cats are not hygienically smart so even an hour old stalled water could make the water bowl a petri dish of bacteria infestation, PetSafe thwarts this risk by ensuring the constant flow of water. 

PetSafe is not just a health formula but also extends the fun time to the little fur baby. The ripping effect depicts the small fish’s presence in the water, hence arouses the cat’s bestial instincts and the cat keeps sipping. The two-way falling steam allows the cat to feed on anywhere and everywhere.

Besides, the free-fall scenario pumps up the oxygen into the water to make it super healthy for the fur babies. The activated carbon gilds the lily by removing the foul odour. At the same time, the foam filter discerns and controls the presence of micro debris.

The two litres circa capacity is enough to last long in case of a power outage. Like we humans, cats also get victimized by arthritis and other joint problems; the elevated bowl is designed to cater to senior cats’ needs. PetSafe care fountain is available in four glittering colours which are alluring for cat and adorable for onlookers.

PetSafe is based on ensuring safe and healthy water for the cats, and this could be the trusted choice of conscious pet parents.             

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ROSE CREATE 1.3L Ceramic Cat Drinking Water Fountain Bowl

ROSE CREATE 1.3L Ceramic Cat Drinking Water Fountain Bowl, Upgraded USB Charging Smooth Porcelain Electric Pet Water Dispenser for Cats/Dogs with Quiet Pump, 5 Filters - White Sitting Deer

Size: 9.37 x 8.74 x 7.05 inches | Power Source: USB charged | Filtration System: Five-layer | Capacity: 1.3L

Key features

  • Aesthetic statue design raises the positive vibes of the cat.
  • Simple USB charging keeps the fountain sprouting sans power.
  • Mute pump surrounds the environment with the utmost serenity.
  • Deep Cleaning Option The removable parts help in deep cleaning.

The wild cats of day bygone used to hunt the fluid-filled creatures to fulfil the hydration needs; this is not the case with the pussycats of today. The eating habits have turned upside down, and new modes need to be adopted to keep your cat engaged, preventing life-threatening kidney failure.

Rose Create’s ceramic cat water fountain is an effort to engage and tend the cat towards frequent drinking. The ceramic material is healthy and eco-friendly. It’s a super quiet cat water fountain which do not disturb you during resting time.

If you are peripatetic, the Rose Creature water fountain is competent enough to cater to your cat’s drinking needs up to the whole week. Furthermore, Rose Create is supported by a mute pump and five filters, over the top, a cartoon character rules the roost and positively engages the cat. However, the pump needs to be cleaned fortnightly. At the same time, the cotton filters require replacement after being mired with dirt.

In sum, Rose Create is a beautiful product with a high usability score and a low price tag. Your feline would relish the high-end Rose Create water fountain.

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FEENGG 1.5L Ceramic Drinking Water Fountain

ceramic cat water fountain

Size: Nil | Weight: 2.5 Kg | Power Source: Corded |  Filtration System: Circulated | Capacity: Nil

Key features

  • Intimate design facilitates the felines to drink incessantly.
  • Inner glazed walls — help in handy cleaning.
  • High-temperature smelting — enhances durability.
  • Adjustable water level provides room to pour according to the need. 

The non-toxic porcelain nature of the Feengg cat water fountain is the best justification for the slightly high cost of clay fountains compared with contemporary plastic and metal ones.

Feengg is affixed with a silent pump that provides optimal serenity everywhere. While the circulated filtration system adds up the incessant oxygen, it makes the water pleasing to the tastebuds of feline.

Furthermore, two fish’s unique design on the fine blue ceramic attracts the pet’s curiosity and keeps her hydrated. In comparison, the usability of Feengg is simple to the core owing to glazed walls that help in comfy cleaning. At the same time, there is no crevice for bacteria infestation.

The primary function of water filtration is over-the-top with the help of activated carbon filters. The same filter could be reused after being dried in the sun. In sum, Feengg is a viable product to incite the cat’s drinking habits.

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ROSE CREATE 1.3 Liters 2 in 1 Ceramic Cat Drinking Water Fountain

ROSE CREATE 1.3 Liters 2 in 1 Ceramic Cat Drinking Water Fountain & Food Bowl, USB Electric Pet Water Dispenser for Cats and Dogs, with Quiet Pump and 5 Replacement Filters - White Lotus Food Bowl

Size: 9.7 x 9.3 x 8.5 inches | Weight: Nil| Power Source: Corded |  Filtration System: Conventional

Key features

  • Filter availability Five replacement filters allow you hassle-free function.
  • Super Quite — The quiet pump does not irritate the surroundings.
  • Useful design — The ceramic fountain fascinates the cat.
  • Low consumption — Constant recirculation averages the water 24/7.

“Rose Create”cat water fountain is a ceramic wonder to balance the low water levels in your cat. The electric-powered water fountain keeps sprouting the gushes of water to tantalize the house cat’s taste buds. Not only is Rose Create a water provider, but it also enhances the house decor owing to the over-the-top aesthetics.

The functionality and usability aspect of Rose Create scores a high grade owing to the silent functionality, comfy cleaning, and alarming low water levels. Nevertheless, the pump needs to be cleaned right after every fortnight. While our editors have included Rose Create in the hall of fame owing to the adjustable 24/7 flowing, eco-friendly disposition, spacious capacity, and optimal durability. 

Some goodies are not exorbitant, as this dainty item is available in a budgeted range to relish your pussycat. 

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eXuby Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

ceramic cat water fountain

Size: 8.75 x 8.75 x 5 inches | Weight: 2.26 Kg | Power Source: Corded |  Filtration System: Triple

Key features

  • No risk of Intrusion ABS grid, active carbon, and cotton thwart the risk of intrusion.
  • Non-toxic ceramic material is biosecure and eco-friendly.
  • Wide 360°   drinking area for cats.
  • Super quiet pump   is installed for minimum distraction.

Suppose you are on a hunt for an exquisite and high-end pick for your cat’s drinking. A few could surpass the beautifying standards of the eXuby cat water fountain. eBay keeps your feline hydrated in a fun way while the white porcelain theme attracts the cat family.

The usability of eXuby is so simple as the ceramic is comfy to wash and does not get slimy. While the best part of eXuby is its 360° spacious drinking space that allows the multiple cats to drink at once.

eBay is provided with a USB power adapter and 10 filters to relieve the potential customer from any hassle during optimal functionality. Finally, eBay is free of any toxic and cancerogenic elements owing to the ceramic mold.

This state-of-the-art water fountain is available in a value-for-money price tag with good qualities such as quiet shut-off pumps, spacious capacity, and high aesthetics.

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Finally, let your cat out of the bag

Ceramic cat water fountains look’s great, and they always add elegance to your home. You can place these beautiful fountains at any place inside your home or outside where your cat feels comfortable drinking water.

Our editors have rightly concluded that the cat water fountains have considerably enhanced the cats’ drinking habits, hence saving them from various health complications. This little investment leads to the serendipity of happiness, health, and fun both for the pussy and owner. Have a try!

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