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how to force a cat to drink water

Like humans, cats also need to drink water to stay healthy and fresh.

Water doesn’t only help their kidneys function well and flush out the toxins. Water affects all organ functions, from circulation to digestion, and ensures the transportation of necessary nutrients to all body parts. Water also decreases cats’ chances of getting urinary stones, which can be deadly if not caught in time. This is the reason today we are discussing how to force a cat to drink water?

If only we could tell our cats how vital water is. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about them dehydrating themselves!

We all know that cats hate water. Water possesses a texture that’s strange to them, it weighs down their fur, and they can’t control the water’s movement when they’re in it. As such, it’s common for cats to usually stay away from the liquid. But putting this habit aside, this is not something you should let your cat carry on with.

Motion sensor cat water fountain is a great addition to offer clean and fresh water without human intervention. Here, we’ll discuss the best ways to make a cat drink water and how we can make them continue drinking it.

How to Make a Cat Drink Water?

1. Switch the Water Bowl

Cats are picky about almost everything, so you can be sure they’ll have an opinion about the type of water bowl they have.

The ideal cat’s water bowl should be shallow and wide. Cats like ceramic, glass, and stainless steel rather than plastic don’t lend a strange taste to the water. Make sure the new water bowl isn’t too deep or too narrow. If the rim of the bowl touches your cat’s whiskers, this will make drinking water uncomfortable for them.

2. Choose the Right Location

Preferably, your cat should have a water bowl to go to in every room in the house. And in every place, the water bowl should be smack-dab in the middle, around the hustle and bustle.

If your cat’s bowl is in the corner, move it to near a chair or where you sit. Cats don’t like being boxed in since their intuitive nature makes them wary of someone sneaking upon them. Moving your cat’s bowl to a busy area where they can drink water and move on will make a big difference.

3. Keep the Water Fresh

The water in your cat’s water bowls should be switched every day, without fail. Dust, dirt, hair, and other particles do settle in after some time, and that’s something your cat won’t like.

Cats are clean creatures. If they see dirty water, they will be turned off by it.

4. Use a Water Fountain for Cats

Cats do not like stagnant water, such as in ponds, bathtubs, or sinks. But, they love running water, for example, from the faucet, a hose, and a water fountain.

Running water indicates that the water is fresh. So hearing the sound of the gush excites them and makes them want to drink it. Water fountains keep the water fresh by filtering it as it runs through the motor.

The carbon filter removes impurities and improves the water’s smell and taste, which appeals to your four-legged friend.

You may find cat who like water but when its not the case you must know how to keep your pet hydrated.

My Cat Still Won’t Drink Enough Water. What Do I Do?

After all your effort, your cat still might not want to drink as much water as it should. If that’s the case, you may want to incorporate the following changes into their routine:

1. Add Fresh Meat and Wet Food into Their Diet

Cats are stubborn about their eating and drinking habits.

If your cat doesn’t drink water, switching things up would be your best shot. If you use store-bought food, give your cat wet food instead of dry. If they prefer dry food, mix the dry with the wet thoroughly and gradually wean them off the dry food. Sooner or later, your cat will get accustomed to the flavor.

If you feed your cat homemade food, adding various juices like clam juice, chicken broth (without onion or garlic) should do well in getting them interested in wet food.

2. Add Some Flavor to Their Water                                                                                   

Using chicken broth and tuna juice might be one way to make your cat interested in drinking water. You could also add some beef broth or even lactose-free milk to the water taste good.

However, if this doesn’t work to pique their interest, adding mini ice cubes might do the trick. Cats like the look and sound of little ice cubes, especially if you’re using flavored water, and will happily start drinking if only to play around with their secondary source of fun.

3. Remove the Water Bowl from the Food Bowl and the Litter Box

If you have a two-in-one pet bowl, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Cats don’t like eating and drinking from the same spot. Chalk it up to their connection with their ancestral wild cat relatives who hunt and forage for food and drink from separate places.

Instead, place your cat’s bowl someplace away from the food bowl. And keep it far from their litter box. As mentioned before, cats are clean creatures. They wouldn’t want to drink water from the same space where they do their business. That’s just nasty!

My Cat is Suddenly Drinking Too Much Water. Is That Okay?

Too much of anything is a good thing, and that applies to water also.

If your cat is drinking too much water and frequently urinating, look for other signs of ill health:

  • Check for changes in appetite, if your cat is eating too much or too little.
  • Check for behavioral changes, if your cat is more aggressive than usual.
  • Check for changes in sleeping patterns, if your cat is sleeping in unusual spots or sleeping a lot.
  • Checking for health changes, if your cat has vomited, has diarrhea or a fever.

Any sudden changes in your cat’s overall health could indicate kidney disease symptoms, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or even a urinary tract infection.

If your cat is unwell, taking them to the vet would be the best option.

There are some exceptions, for example, if it’s summertime and your cat is getting thirsty. If they are as happy and healthy as ever, then there’s no need to worry. However, if you have a longhaired cat breed, you may need to book an appointment with a professional groomer to get your cat’s hair trimmed. That’ll keep them cool and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

There’s no way you can force your cat to drink water unless they’re dehydrated and need water for medical reasons. But you can encourage them to stay hydrated.

Be wary of any signs of dehydration in cats, and always consult with your veterinarian if you feel suspicious. Do all you can to keep your cat happy, healthy, hydrated, and well-loved!

If your cat drinking a lot of water and meowing in this situation, you need to find the reason behind this cause maybe you are offering plenty of water; our resource can guide your better.

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