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how to get a kitten to drink water

When the well is dry, we know the worth of water. – Benjamin Franklin.

Going by Franklin’s quote, we can say that no living thing on earth can survive without water. Just like us, our kittens also require water in adequate amounts. It not only benefits their food cycle but also enhances their entire health.

So before you take your furry friend for granted and as your play-partner, make sure you keep them hydrated. Take extra care during the summers as their activity cycle increases, and they tend to burn out more energy.

To keep your feline friend happy and healthy, provide them ample water with the right amount of food.

As a kitten owner, you might feel that your paw friend is throwing tantrums and not drinking enough water. But don’t you worry as we have got you covered. In this article, we will be providing you with some impressive tips to make your kitty drink water. Come, let’s begin with how to get a kitten to drink water?

Gravity water bowl for cats can be a great addition to your cat’s accessories these are trustworthy and can supply water uninterruptedly.

Tips to Keep Your Kitten Hydrated

If we turn back in time, we can trace that feline creatures originally belonged to the desert areas. They would acquire all the water they required from their prey at that time.

But with time, things have changed, so their adapting nature has modified. And since we can find them in our neighborhoods, we can be assured that their food habits have evolved.

But what if your cat is not drinking enough water? In the worst-case scenario, that could lead to a severe complication. But wait, we have something for your furry partners.

1. Add Ice Cubes in Their Food

This trick is being practiced by many pet owners I know. It is probably the most acceptable way to make your cat drink more water. So next time when you give cat food to your kitty, make sure you add two to three ice cubes with it.

The ice cubes will take on the flavor of the food and work like the best treat for it.

You must know that some feline creatures prefer ice-cold water. If your pet is not drinking room temperature water, replace it with ice cubes. And while your cat licks on the food with ice cubes, it can consume water and food together.

2. Make a Diet of Wet Food

Providing dry cat food to your furry friends will not be enough. Besides nutrients, they require the right amount of water to stay fit and healthy.

We suggest you switch to canned food, as it has more moisture than the packet food. Even professionals would guide the same, I believe.

This is one of the most acceptable ways to make your cat hydrated. But your cat might not want to eat the canned food all of a sudden. For that, you can mix it with the dry food and check if it eats or not.

If that doesn’t help, try adding water to the dry food. I’m sure they will love the soupy consistency of their food.

3. Place Water Bowls at Small Distance

Your priority should be keeping your furry friend healthy and happy as a pet owner. For that, you should be making sure that your cat drinks the right amount of water as required.

Once you place water bowls at short distances within and outside your house, they can drink anytime they want.

For instance, your cat can sprint from here and there during playtime and drink water from the bowls.

This frequent placement of the bowls makes it easy for your fur friends, and even you can be at peace. So from now, leave out some water bowls around, and it will entice your cat to drink more water.

4. Offer Frequent Meals

We don’t mean to overfeed your cat by providing frequent meals. In place of two large square meals a day, divide them into small portions and give them frequently. So when they eat food at recurrent intervals, it will prompt thirst. And this way they will drink more water.

5. Clean and Fill the Water Bowls

Your paw friends are the most delicate creatures you will ever encounter. Even though stray cats consume leftovers, you need to maintain proper hygiene to keep them healthy.

Before you go on to refill the water bowls for your cat:

  • Make sure you clean them properly.
  • Fill it up with fresh water because they enjoy it that way.
  • Never let the water bowls of your cat become slimy and gross.
  • Keep everything clean and let them live a healthy life.

6. Place the Water Bowls in the Right Location

While you spread out water bowls in a shorter distance, make sure they are placed correctly. Avoid placing any water bowl near the litter. You would not want your cat to drink from a gross place.

7. Add Suitable Flavors to the Water

You will come across many cats who prefer some specific flavors. If your furry friend enjoys tuna or chicken, you can add its broth to their water.

And you can wait and watch how your kitty enjoys drinking water and remains hydrated.

8. Make Use of a Faucet

If you watch cat videos on Instagram or Facebook, you will find that feline creatures enjoy running water from taps. So while you play with your cat, take it near a sink and let the faucet loose.

While the water starts running, you will see how your cat makes drinking water a fun game.

Make this a regular habit for your kitty. It will not only help it drink more water but will also create a great bonding time.

9. Buy Plenty of Bowls for Your Cat

Cats are the most finicky beings. Starting from their food to their belongings, they want everything to be perfect according to their choice. For that reason, you can buy plenty of water bowls for your cat.

We are sure that your feline friend will definitely like at least one out of the lot. This way, you can discover the significant preference that your paw friend has. And make sure you give water every day in that bowl only.

10. Make Use of a Fountain

Many social media reels and videos have proved that cats enjoy playing around water fountains. Next time you go out to purchase playthings for your cat, buy a water fountain.

It will make an excellent toy for your cat, and it can remain hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

Now that we have provided you with the tips to make your fur friends drink Water let’s check other things. Keep reading to know more.

Benefits of Water for Your Feline Friends

Water enhances the health of your cats. It also provides energy and keeps them hydrated. Some of the benefits that water will give to the feline creatures are:

  • Absorbs nutrients from food and helps indigestion.
  • Carries and moves nutrients in and out of the body.
  • It lubricates the joints and helps in flexibility and easy movement.
  • Maintains and regulates their body temperature.
  • It provides moisture to the tissues and the spinal cord.
  • It carries waste out of the body with urination and bowel movements.

Know the Right Amount of Water that Your Furry Friend Should Consume

You will know that cats are the most finicky creatures living on earth. Whether it is food or their playthings, they have meaningful choices about everything.

While you take care of everything else, you must also check how much water your cat consumes. But are you aware of the right amount? Well, we do. Let’s find out.

The average water intake by a cat should be 3.5 Ozs to 4.5 Ozs per pound body weight. For instance, if your cat weighs 10lb, it will regularly need at least 9 OZs of water.

They will mostly get their water from food. But if your fur friend mostly eats kibble, it won’t get enough water from its food. For that, you need to place water bowls for them in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give water to my cat in a steel bowl?

First of all, let me tell you something. Cats are finicky about almost everything. So before we can tell you if your cat can drink water from a steel bowl, you can test.

Try filling a steel bowl with water and see if your cat prefers drinking from there. If it does, you are good to go.

Is it right to give chicken stew to my cat?

Well, most feline creatures around us don’t enjoy plain water. They love flavored water. So if your cat is causing you the same trouble, you can readily replace it with chicken stew.

Moreover, the chicken stew is healthy and will supply nutrients to their body.

Will water help my cat to remain energetic?

Besides keeping the body hydrated, water helps in other things too. If your cat consumes the right amount of water, it will remain energetic throughout the day.

Water will also help in the flexible and easy movement of the body. And will also help in regulating their bowel movements.

To educate feline parents our experts recently write on can cat drink tap water and what do kittens drink that helps you to understand the hydration requirements of your kitten and you will learn how to satisfy them.

To Conclude

All living things on earth have the capability of drinking water, and your cat is just no exception. Drinking the right amount of water will bring many benefits for their health.

And in a way, you can avoid any appalling health issues related to dehydration. So from today, try all the tactics mentioned earlier and keep your cat happy and healthy. Cheers!

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