10 Best Cat Water Fountains of 2022

Best Cat Water Fountains

Most cats do not find the habit of drinking water necessary or pleasing enough, especially if it is still or standing water. Dehydration, characterized by excessive heart rate, loss of appetite, lethargy or depression, dry gums, and decrease in skin elasticity, may occur. Therefore, it is important to monitor your cat’s water intake.

How to Get a Cat to Drink More Water?

how to get a cat to drink more water

Cats need water just as much as we do, but sometimes they can be a little reluctant to drink. Here are some tips on how to get your cat drinking more water!

Do Cats Drink Milk? (The Pros and Cons)

Do cats drink milk

Find out the answer to one of the most common questions about cats – do cats drink milk. Learn what happens if they don’t get enough milk, plus some tips on how to make sure your cat gets all the nutrients it needs.

3 Small Cat Water Fountains of 2022

small cat water fountain

Here are three small cat water fountains which will serve the purpose of ensuring that your fur-friend remains hydrated, resulting in better health for them. Let’s take a look at each one…

Can Cats Drink Gatorade? (Explained & Solved)

Can Cats Drink Gatorade

The short answer is yes and no. While your cat will drink Gatorade and will even feel better after a while, Gatorade is not a healthy drink for animals. Gatorade has ingredients that can be harmful and even fatal.

Why is My Cat Drinking So Much Water?

cat drinking a lot of water suddenly

Cats are very anti-water. Not to say that cats will deliberately keep themselves thirsty. A cat will happily drink enough water to sustain itself for hours. But they will not go out of their way to drink water unnecessarily.

What to Do When a Kitten is Not Drinking Water?

kittens not drinking water

Be aware that kittens often get water and liquid hydration through the kitten formula or their mother’s milk when they’re smaller than four weeks. Often, it’s their mother who teaches them about solid food and water.