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petsafe drinkwell cat fountain review

Water is an essential element for cats to stay fit and healthy. Thus a continuous supply of water in their diet is as crucial as having food. But how do you give them water to drink? Most cat parents might be habitual of the old traditional method of using bowls to feed water to their cats. But you need to know that cats can play tantrums when it comes to drinking water and may not like the idea of drinking water from a bowl that lies all day long unattended.

On the contrary, some of them may prefer drinking water directly from a faucet. With that said, there has been an innovation in the pet supply market wherein they have designed pet water fountains to feed water to your cute little furballs.

Here in this article, we are going to review one of the most popular pet water fountains known by the name PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain to give you a detailed overview of what this fountain has in store for your kitties:

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Pet Safe Drink Well Cat Water Fountain

The multi-tier pet fountain has running water that can easily attract your felines to come and have a water break. It allows your kitties to drink water from the stream as well as the bowl to stay hydrated and healthy. It has a 100oz water capacity and thus stands to be a perfect fit for cats of all sizes.

One of the most remarkable features of this fountain is that it has two tiers or two levels from where your cats can drink water. An upper tank and a lower tank mean doubling the joy for your cats to drink water.


  1. Pet fountain
  2. Wall adaptor
  3. A quick guide manual
  4. Replaceable carbon filter


  • It has two-tier drinking water access for pets.
  • It can accommodate 100oz water.
  • They are highly suitable for senior cats who may be suffering from arthritis issues.
  • This pet water fountain is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • The pump of the fountain can be easily hand washed.
  • The carbon filters and pump are replaceable
  • It allows your cats to drink water even during a power outage, owing to its bowl design that retains water.


Multi-tier pet safe water fountains are a highly functional and greatly loved product amongst dogs and cats that can cater to their drinking water requirements. Especially for cats who have varied drinking preferences, this water fountain is a perfect fit.

The fountain tank has a capacity of 100 ounces and has a wide surface area; thus, it saves the cat parents from refilling the tank often. These fountains allow easy water circulation and have a ramp that allows the water stream to fall inside the tank without making much noise.

Thus for pets who can easily be scared of noise, this pet water-safe fountain is a great addition.


petsafe drinkwell pet fountain reviews

This pet fountain is easy to maintain and clean. Thus it stands to be pleasing for pet parents who do not wish to devote much time to its maintenance. Further, when you talk about the materials of the pet fountain, plastic water fountains require more care and attention in comparison to their steel and ceramic counterparts.

This fountain has very few parts that can be disassembled, are dishwasher safe and hence cleaning chores is an easy breeze. But the nooks and corners of the tank cannot be easily accessed, and thus you might need to use a brush for cleaning purposes.


This multi-tier pet fountain is a boon for your pets as it allows your pets to drink water from multiple paces without being noisy at the same time. Though you cannot call it a silent water fountain, you can calculate it as a relatively quiet fountain. As an added-on advantage, the ramp makes the sound caused due to the trickling water.

Until and unless the water level drops down to the base, this fountain stays quiet without causing any frustration and irritation amongst the housemates.

But when the water level drops, the pump of the fountain tends to become noisy. Thus it is necessary to maintain the water level to save yourself from the annoying noise that it can make.


The 100-ounce capacity of the water tank has an average ranking, but still, the owners may require it to refill the same every few days. Also, when you have more than a single pet at home that uses the same fountain for drinking purposes, the refilling chores may turn out to be more frequent.

Further, when you talk about its capacity and size, it can be a bit tedious for the owners to pick it up for cleaning purposes or while changing the water.


PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain, 100 Ounce Capacity Automatic Water Dispenser for Pets, Fresh Free-Flowing Stream, Easy to Clean Hygienic Durable Material, Filters Included

The filter used in this multi-tier pet fountain is a two-cell carbon filter that is capable of maintaining the taste of water and removing bad odor. Changing the filters is not a tough nut to crack, and going by the manufacturer’s words, it should be changed every four weeks.

All it requires is to disconnect the pump, dismantle the top portion and remove the filter that lies mounted inside the filter slot. One can easily change the filter after removing the old filter but make sure that the new one is rightly placed with its backside facing the pump. Further, put the fountain top back, and your pet fountain is ready to be used again.

As a thumb rule, also ensure that along with the filter replacement, you also chalk out a regime for water and pump cleaning regularly.

Quality and Longevity

This pet-safe multi-tier pet fountain is made using BPA-free plastic that can last for about three to five years depending on the care and maintenance showered on it. However, plastic fountains can accumulate slime rapidly, so it is mandatory to clean the same every week.

Or, if your schedule permits, you can also consider cleaning it twice a week to allow your pets to have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Also, you need to keep an eye on the fountain to find out if it happens to accrue any scratches. A cluster of scratches on the plastic material can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Thus it becomes necessary to get rid of the same when the scratches tend to expand their count.

Moreover, if your kitty suffers from skin problems such as acne, then it’s always a better idea to go in for stainless steel and ceramic water fountains rather than buying them a plastic water fountain.

An Overview of the Pros and Cons of Pet safe drink well cat water fountain

Every product has its own set of pros and cons, and this pet-safe multi-tier pet fountain is also no exception. Though the pros of this product outweigh its cons, it is still necessary to allow the potential customers to gain an unbiased overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this famous pet fountain. So here is what you can expect:


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It makes minimal noise
  • The capacity of the reservoir is good
  • Allows multiple level drinking
  • Easy to maintain
  • Value for money purchase


  • It can turn out to be noisy when the water level deteriorates
  • It is available only in a single color.

4 Reasons to Recommend PetSafe Drinkwell

petsafe drinkwell pet fountain reviews

Cats can be fussy drinkers. Thus, it is necessary to check out a few important details before bringing in a pet water fountain home. Here are a few things that you need to consider while buying pet safe water fountain for your pets:

1. Design of the Fountain

Since you are buying a pet-safe water fountain for your cat, it is always a good idea to gain a sneak peek into your cat’s preferences before investing. For example, some cats may like to drink from the water pool directly, while some of them may love to drink from a water stream that falls from the faucet.

Also, some cats may fear the water sound that comes from the falling water stream. But, again, checking out their regular habits can help you get an idea about which design to opt for while introducing pet safe drinking water fountain.

2. Size of the Tank or Reservoir

When you have a pet-safe water fountain with a big-sized tank, then you will hardly have to spend time refilling the same. Filling it once a day may be enough for your pets to meet their water requisites for the day. On the contrary, rarely will there arise a chance of the water tank to run dry.

But, when you consider these advantages, you also need to consider the period for which the water will stay inside the tank. Water that stays longer tends to stagnate and thus gives birth to bacterial growth.

Though there are water fountains automated to circulate the water inside the reservoir, you still need to get the facts right to prevent any such water stagnation episode.

3. Filtration System

A proper filter system in pet fountains stands of paramount importance as it makes the water safe to drink. It aids in getting rid of the impurities present in the water and ensures that the water is free of any smells, is clean, and tastes good.

A few water fountains also employ a two-stage water filter to prevent various impurities such as hair, dirt, and other particles from protruding inside the water.

When you buy a water fountain, make sure that you get one that has an easy-to-remove filter to cut down the stress of cleaning it.

4. Fountain Material

Pet fountains are made of various materials, and you can get one as per your choice. Ranging from plastic fountains to ceramic and even stainless steel, you can consider picking on one as per your desire and requisite.

If you are looking for a light-weighted pet fountain that is affordable and durable at the same time, you can consider buying plastic pet water fountains.

On the contrary, stainless steel fountains are easy to clean, durable, dishwasher safe, and stand to be an attractive introduction for your pet’s water needs. These water fountains are also resistant to scratches. Though these fountains are a bit towards the pricier side, it is worth all your money owing to its numerous characteristics.

Further, ceramic fountains are heavy than their other counterparts but are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. They do not accrue scratches, but there are chances that they can get chipped if not handled with care.

These fountains are also pricey, but they have an aesthetic appeal and can be purchased matching your home décor.

So, Is it Worth Buying PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Drinking Fountain?

An adequate amount of water in the diet of cats prevents them from falling prey to potential health risks. On the contrary, not drinking enough water can open doorways for a visit to the vet.

Hence, it is vital for every cat parent to allow their four-legged buddies to have access to clean and safe drinking water by introducing a Pet safe drink well cat water fountain at home. So what are you waiting for?

Gift your cuddle babies the Pet Safe DrinkWell cat water fountain and see how you can make drinking water a fun process for them!

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