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Cats drink less water than most pet animals. So, naturally, a pet drinking fountain is beneficial for cats. The running water attracts cats and enhances their thirst. A drinking fountain is the best solution to keep cats hydrated and healthy to save cats from dehydration.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain is a non-plastic; metallic water fountain, which I prefer for my cat as it is allergic to plastic.

I like this model as it has many pros. There are few cons, which depending on your compatibility level with this model, can be avoided. I will now discuss the features in detail. 

Pioneer Cat Water Fountain review
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The Stainless Steel Design

Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain is crafted with high-quality stainless steel. The steel fountain is ideal for cats that are allergic to plastic. The stainless steel design of this cat fountain is stylish and modern so, it goes well with the overall house décor.

As steel is heavy, your pet cats won’t be able to knock off the water fountain. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about your pet cat damaging the water fountain and can rely on it for your cat.


There are six total components of this raindrop water fountain that include:

  • Top Bowl
  • Bottom Bowl
  • Charcoal filter
  • Power Cord
  • Pump housing
  • Pump


The shape of this water fountain is circular and allows only one cat to drink water. I have only one cat. So, this water fountain is ideal for my situation.

The water falls from the top ramp of the bowl to the bottom, where the water collects. The cat can drink either from the top or the bottom.

There is no free-fall water stream system incorporated which doesn’t bother me because my cat enjoys drinking fresh water from the bottom of the bowl water reservoir.

Durability and Stability

Pioneer Cat Water Fountain review

I like the durability and sturdiness of this water fountain. The stainless steel construction ensures durability, longevity, and stability.

Due to the use of high-quality steel in the construction of this water fountain, you can see that even if you drop the spray by mistake, it will not break. Your pets cannot damage it either, as the fountain is heavy and stable enough to stay put.

If you follow the maintenance instructions carefully, you can easily extend the lifespan of this product. 


The Assembly of Pioneer is effortless and convenient. It does not take a lot of time to put it together. You can follow the instructions directly from the manual or watch the video where the Pioneer pet company demonstrates the straightforward steps one by one to eliminate any confusion.

While assembling this product, one thing to keep in mind is that you need to move the spout cover to the center to ensure the perfect alignment of the water fountain model.

Deep cleaning

Once you get accustomed to the assembly, disassembling and putting it back together wouldn’t be a problem anymore. You can conveniently remove the top bowl and get the charcoal filter out of the pump housing.

Make sure to remove the power cord before using water. You can place the replaceable charcoal filter under the cool water and use a mini brush to clean all the cat hair, dirt and debris.

You will need to clean the pump every two to four weeks and change the filter with a new one every month for optimal cleanliness. 

I use mild vinegar and water to clean the water fountain. You can also put the non-electric parts of the water fountain into the dishwasher and let it handle all the cleaning. Stainless steel is easier to clean than plastic. So, in the dishwasher, the steel won’t warp or melt.

You also need to keep the maintenance check regularly. If you would not clean the water pump periodically, it will shorten the pump’s life expectancy, creating a loud noise and a risk of infection.

Enough Water-Capacity

Pioneer Cat Water Fountain review

The water capacity of this water fountain is 60oz. Now, if you have two, three, or four cats, this water capacity wouldn’t be sufficient for your cats. The petite size and design of the shape also allow one cat to drink water from the fountain comfortably.

For my cat, 60oz water capacity is enough. But, I change the water more often to maintain the cleanliness. Also, another significant point is, always keep the water levels maintained. If the water gets below the recommended water levels, the pump could get affected.

So, you cannot let the pump run in a dry water bowl, or else it’ll create loud noise and get wholly damaged.

Chemical-Free Material

The materials used in the construction of this water fountain are all chemical-free. The stainless steel doesn’t pose the same threats as the plastic water fountain does. Also, my cat is allergic to plastic which is why stainless steel is our best option.

So, if you have cats that have chin acne or any other form of allergy from plastic, you should opt for Pioneer Pet raindrop water fountain.

Offer Quiet Operation

Pioneer is advantageous for you, especially if you are sensitive to noise as it operates quietly. You won’t have to worry about your cat getting scared of the noise too.

But remember to take great care of the pump. You require cleaning the pump periodically to keep it noiseless and do its job correctly.

The more you pay attention to the water fountain’s maintenance, the longer the pump would work efficiently and effectively.

Uninteruppted Oxygenated Water for Cats

Your cat will get oxygenated water as Pioneer keeps the water flow aerated and allow maximum oxygen to flow in the water. Your cat will remain healthy by drinking water from the water fountain compared to a regular water bowl.

The regular water bowl can only offer stale water that gets contaminated easily and poses various diseases. On the other hand, your cat gets saved from bacterial infection with ease by drinking clean water from the Pioneer Pet raindrop water fountain.

High Quality V Water Pump

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design

The 12 V water pump is durable and efficient. The pump incorporates an adjustable flow switch. This flow switch is a lever that places on the front panel. The job of the lever is to regulate the flow of water.

The maximum setting allows the flow to get stronger whereas, the minimum setting makes the water flow mild. The more powerful flow could cause splashing. So, the manufacturer recommends that you keep the lowest setting for optimal use.

Trustworthy Replaceable Charcoal Filter

The replaceable charcoal filter ensures catching all the pet hair, debris, and dirt. It purifies the running water and keeps it fresh and clean for your pet cat. It works efficiently. But, it requires proper cleaning and replacing every one to two weeks to maintain its function.

The Pioneer Pet company offers compatible replacement filter packs for your assistance. You can buy these filter packs separately and change them periodically with ease.

Noticable Aesthetics

The aesthetic appeal of this water fountain is commendable. This stainless steel water fountain looks very stylish and attractive. It doesn’t lose its shine even after long-term use. So, it goes well with your house décor, giving a luxurious look.

If your cat loves pretty things like mine, it will not take much time to get accustomed to the water fountain and quickly adapt itself to the drinking from the water fountain.


Pioneer fountain is UL certified. So, you can rest assured that this product is safe for your pet cat. But, you need to keep a check on the wire to make sure that the cat doesn’t chew it.

AVailability of Accessories

You can buy the accessories you need for the maintenance of this water fountain directly from Pet Pioneer. You can get replacement filters, a replacement pump, and a cleaning kit that offers a mini brush with two-sized heads. You can use the different-sized caps to reach places that are otherwise difficult to clean and use a form pad that comes with it to take care of the corners.

Highly Affordable

This cat water fountain is also very affordable and provides excellent value. Your investment will not fail if you choose the Pioneer Pet raindrop water fountain.

Other Benefits

  • Your cat remains hydrated by drinking fresh and oxygenated water.
  • Your cat becomes motivated to drink water from the flowing water stream. 
  • Two options, from where your cat can drink water according to its mood
  • Sturdy and eye-catching design
  • Easy to clean as compared to other water fountains
  • Protects from bacterial infection and contaminated water 
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Protects from allergies and acne


  • You need to refill the water frequently.
  • You have to make sure that the water levels recommended by the manufacturer are maintained, or else the pump would get damaged.
  • You have to ensure proper cleaning regularly.

Featuers of Pioneer Cat Water Fountain

MaterialHigh-grade Stainless steel
Water Capacity60 Oz (1.77L)
Dimensions  4.25 in. H x 9.75 in. W x 11.75 in. L
Item weight2.65 Pounds
Length of the power cord  70.8 inches
Filter systemA replaceable charcoal filter system
Pump Voltage12 V
Dishwasher safe  Yes
Easy to AssembleYes
UL certifiedYes

Final Thoughts

Pet Pioneer Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain is an excellent water fountain for your pet cats. I recommend it because I haven’t encountered a single problem yet, and my cat completely loves drinking water from it.

In your case, if you have more than one cat, then the size and water capacity wouldn’t suit your needs. Also, as far as cleaning is concerned, no matter which fountain you buy, you would have to maintain its hygiene to ensure optimal functioning. So, if you think that cleaning the Pet Pioneer water fountain would be a hassle, any other model available in the market could require the same level of maintenance from you.

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