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quiet cat water fountain

Water intake is often neglected when it comes to the hydration of your moody furry companions. The truth is that our pets, cats, or dogs need water for the proper functioning of their body. Water keeps their metabolism and kidneys running. In this article, we discuss a quiet cat water fountain that makes minimum noise.

There are numerous containers or apparatuses obtainable in the market that can help you keep your cat hydrated. These options vary from simple drinking bowls to elaborated fountains in exquisite colors. Most of these fountains operate on direct electricity and make sure fresh water is available for your pet.

Among the available options, quiet cat water fountains are the top priority for many people.

This comprehensive guide deals with why a quiet cat fountain is your best option and some of the features you should look for in a cat water fountain. In addition to that, we have also reviewed and listed some of the best cat fountains with quiet operation.

When looking for a quiet cat water fountain, you can find one in Plastic made, steel made, and ceramic cat water fountain; some models hardly make any noise that a human ear can hear.

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Cats have the hearing ability that is quite different from humans in comparison. Their audible span can catch the low-pitched sounds that humans are not able to hear. In other words, the cat’s ears are far more sensitive. Water fountain running operations are often loud and noisy. They are sometimes even disturbing to human ears.

In addition to that, even when it is a low sound, your cat can get irritated. It will disrupt their sleep cycles and hinder them from taking proper rest.

Quiet cat fountains are built not to disturb your cat. The motor operates at shallow decibel ranges and does not disturb your pet or your peace. Thus, it is why water fountains with quiet operations are in the first place and prioritized by many.

1. Veken Pet Fountain The Ultra Quite One

quiet cat water fountain

Size: 7.48 x 7.48 x 5.91 inches | Weight:  0.69 kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System: Charcoal and ion exchange resin filter | Capacity: 84 oz

Veken cat water fountain is often spotted with the cats lying down; the operations of this impressive water fountain are so serene that it won’t disturb the otherwise sharp sensations of the feline.

The water fountain is tranquil and works in less than 40-decibel format. This serenity is made possible by the delicate construction of four suction cups. The scientific design clarifies that besides motor-generated voices, water’s flowing or gushing sound does not create an audible sound. Although water flowing can not be thwarted in the first place, gushing water produces more oxygen. Eventually, the aerated water is beneficial for the well-being of the cat.

The ergonomic patterns do not compromise the quality of water and always give a new feel to the thirsty pussy cat. The maximum generated noise by the Veken is lower than the 40 dB. The water fountain is ultra-quiet. Nonetheless, Veken does not just dumb down the noise to the minimum zero, as cats always prefer the sense of hearing rather than sight. Hence, a little voice is indeed generated that is only melodiously listened to by the cat.

Besides noise, the fountain does not compromise on water quality. The triple filtration system refines the water up to the maximum possible limits. Moreover, the 2.5-liter capacity is comfy enough to cater to the needs for a couple of weeks.

The silicone pad prevents the water from accidental spills and its concomitant noise generation. Veken fountain is an attractive choice for all family members, but none loves it more than the four-legged partner.

Why it is the best ultra quiet cat water fountain?

Not every brand claiming the construction of a quiet cat water fountain acknowledges the noise philosophy; fortunately, Veken does it. It generates little noises of less than 40 decibels that must produce a warmth of voice so that the cat gets allied by the pleasing flowing sound. The other brands extinguish the noise to minimal zero; hence cats find no temptation to lower water levels in the body.

Benefits of Veken Pet Fountain

  • Three flowing designs gush the water silently.
  • Only noise pollution is not harmful, but the substance pollution is the same anathema; Veken uses only BPA-free material.
  • The ultra-quiet pump does not bother the lying cat nearby.


  • 84 oz capacity might not be sufficient for the feline for many days. The owner will have to go through a continuous refilling drill. 

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend this serene water pump owing to its fantastic combination with the psyche and physiology of cats. The cats get truly hygienic water in a comfortable way. The low voltage pump does not make a dent in the power utility bill.

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2. Super Quite PETKIT Cat Water Dispenser

Ultra Quite Pet Fountain

Size:  5.91 x 5.91 x 4.72 inches | Weight:  0.87 kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System:  Triple (cotton, coconut, and carbon) | Capacity:  63 oz

Petkit is suitable for midget to medium-sized pets. The superb part of this fountain is its pump construction. The pump is brilliant and gets auto-shut on and off notifications. Moreover, the fine construction is enveloped by the serene mechanism where an iota of vice does not erupt.

Moreover, the translucent sheet dumps down the noise and extends a better view for better consumption. The ultra-quiet pump works below 30 decibels. In comparison, the smart LED indicator mitigates the risk of inconsistent meddling with fountains that disturb the serenity of the environment. The triple filtration system continuously extends fresh water to the feline.

Petkit cat water fountain helps you in saving a dehydrated kitten; you can place it at any convenient place where cats can drink water comfortably.

Why it is the best quiet cat water fountain?

Petkit has taken full leverage of the technology; the fountain rolls out a whole idea of simulation. The simulated water tempts the thirsty cat sans, producing gushing and flushing water noises.

Benefits of Super Quite PETKIT Cat Water Dispenser

  • The intelligent system manages the flow of water with the utmost attention.
  • The triple filtration system filters the water quietly.
  • The 12v pressure pump does not produce scary sounds.


  • The simulated environment might be strange for many cats, and she would resist sipping from this fountain.

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend this water fountain because of the fantastic technology usage; the rush sketches a phenomenal picture of cat water requirements by artificial stimulation, ensuring the stoppage of extraordinary sounds.

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3. NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain

quiet cat water fountain

Size:  6.8 x 6.8 x 6.5 inches | Weight: 0.49 kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System:  Quadruple (Circulating + three layers) | Capacity: 56.3 oz

Npet works with the circulated filtration system phenomena, the best case for ensuring serenity during the water flow. While the pump gets shut off and on regularly, keeping in view the distortion in place.

Moreover, the ultra-quiet pump automatically regulates the noise and energy levels and gives a hundred percent efficiency. In comparison, the triple filtration system refines the water adequately.

The faucet and spring surge modes mitigate the noise levels by minimal zero. At the same time, the design is cutting-edge with easy to clean construction.

What makes it a top rated quiet cat water fountain?

The level of the silence of any cat water fountain depends on the quality of the pump. The incorporated pump in this water fountain is quiet that works in a genuinely serene posture of fewer than 30 decibels. The sophisticated pump urged us to declare this water fountain as a viable one for peace-seekers.

Benefits NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain

  • The three flow-cum-drink modes allow maximum comfortability with zero noise.
  • The pump works below the 30-decibel threshold.
  • Npet is specially designed to cater to the needs of peace-loving environment-sensitive cats.


  • Faucet kits are replaceable, and upon the damage, the whole unit needs to be changed.

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend this cat fountain considering the sophisticated construction that does not allow the avenues of more noise generation. The layer-by-layer step-through construction kills the noise flashpoints in the first place, and all the noise luxuries are available in an economical range.

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4. Ultra Quite Toozey Cat Water Fountain

Toozey Cat Water Fountain, 2L Water Fountain for Cats, Automatic Quiet Cat Water Dispenser, Pet Fountain for Cats, Dogs

Size:  7.87 x 7.87 x 4.76 inches | Weight: 0.74 kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System: Carbon and ion exchange resin | Capacity: 67.6 oz

Toozey cat water fountain is a complete kit wrapped up in a lovely gift box to compete with the other quiet fountains available in the market. The quiet and comfy sensation is brought forth by the handy construction and nifty selection of pumps. The ion exchange and activated carbon provide hassle-free usage of water up to extended limits.

Moreover, the multiple flow options lead to different drinking postures and true peace of mind.

Why it is one of the best ultra quiet cat water fountain?

We assessed more than 30 ultra-quiet cat water fountains but eventually found Toozey the best. This is because of the sophisticated pump that compresses the noise generation, leaving the feline in a naturally serene environment. This factor indeed makes Toozey the best.

Benefits of Toozey Cat Water Fountain

  • Cleaning of the pump is not incumbent upon the user owing to the auto maintenance feature, hence giving a silent effect throughout the usage.
  • The multiple flows bring temptation for the cat.
  • The pump is heavy-duty but works under the 30 decibels threshold.


  • The dispenser design might not be suitable for all cat types.

Why do we recommend it?

Triple filtration, four flows, and excellent design coupled with an extra quiet pump are some of the options that make this fountain an over-the-top choice.

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5. iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain丨Ultra Quiet

quiet cat water fountain

Size:  10.7 x 10.7 x 5.5 inches | Weight: 3.17 kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System:  Charcoal | Capacity: 71 oz

iPettie is a family-specific cat water fountain that genuinely works in a serene environment. The peace of mind remains intact. Moreover, the ceramic design tempts the pet to drink more and more.

The real magic of iPettie lies behind its whisper-quiet operations. The CE-certified IP68 pump runs on a mere 2W voltage. Moreover, this remarkably quiet pump has a very long life of 20,000 hours.

Also, the dual filtration refines and softens the water.

The dual filtration system ultimately rolls out a healthy water spree for the thirsty cat, pure of any impurity.

Why is it the fittest quiet cat water fountain?

Most of the whisper-quiet cat water fountains are menacing and a bit artificial in shape. This is iPettie’s magic that has adorned the cat water fountains with new glitz.

Benefits of iPettie Tritone

  • The ceramic construction is magnificent and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The whisper-quiet mechanism brings peace of mind.
  • Cats love to loaf about around this fountain thanks to no screeching sounds; the environment is natural.


  • The ceramic water fountain is prone to breakage upon fall.

Why do we recommend it?

Although all the water fountains ensure sound restriction to less or greater extents, this is iPettie that brings about the high score of aesthetics. This fountain betrays an aesthetic toy or decorative artifact rather than a bowl of sustenance. Overall, iPettie is an excellent silent choice.

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5 Must Have Things for a Best Quite Cat Water Fountain

While buying a water fountain for your cat, here are the things that you should keep in mind.

1. Quiet model

The water fountain for your cat should operate at a low decibel range. Several items in the market have quiet to ultra-quiet operational ranges.

If your cat is easily startled, we recommend buying a deficient audible operation.

2. Appropriate size

Size requirement varies with the number of pets, types, and preference of your cat. If you have multiplied pets, then a large fountain with more levels is fit.

It prevents the over-crowding of the basin when all pets drink at the same time. In addition to that, some cats prefer bubbly water and others like a waterfall.

3. Ease of use

Another thing to consider is the ease of use. It should be a clean design with minimal nooks and corners that can fall victim to bacterial growth and debris accumulation. In addition to that, it should be plug and play system with minimum assembly steps.

Choose the fountain that is dish wash safe, so you get the cleaning job done without wasting much time.

4. Capacity

Liters of a water fountain can carry its capacity. It should be spacious enough for multiple pets to carry the water that fulfills the hydration need of all pets. If you take long trips, a large capacity fountain can keep your pet hydrated even when you are gone for a long time.

Large capacity also minimizes the need of often refilling.

5. Aesthetics

Your pet ought to be inclined towards specific colors, waterfalls, or water bubbles. In case there are no preferences, you can buy the color or material and design you like the most.

Moreover, you can also take into consideration the interior and color scheme of your house.

Difference between Good Gravity Feeders and Quiet Cat Water Fountain

As the name indicates, gravity feeders rely on gravitational force to distribute feed or water into the basin. It is enclosed in the bottle or dispenser with a button or sensors that detect and dispense the water. Water fountains, on the contrary, have open-sourced water that circulates between the two or three levels using a water motor.

Moreover, gravity dispensers don’t necessarily operate on electricity, but fountains do.

Both these devices are functional, but fountains are often prioritized. The reason behind this is the structure and making of the two. The water fountain keeps the water flowing, which gets your pet’s attention.

In other words, it keeps them hydrated by intriguing them with the bubbles and water flow. Gravity feeders don’t have such features, and water in the basin is primarily stationary.

Frequently Asked Questions


After reviewing a myriad of best-selling cat water fountains, it is time to wrap up the analysis on a critical note. As serenity is significant sustenance for any sentient being, whether it be cat or man; hence, a good eater fountain cannot be a screeching hell.

The magic lies with the pump; fortunately, all the abovementioned fountains are adorned with whisper-quiet pumps. Veken cat water has both whisper-quiet but durable pumps.

Considering this one in the cart would be the best idea; however, the other mentioned brands also perform pretty well and would not let you be remorseful after a complete purchase. Fingers crossed!

Please also visit how to hydrate a cat with a syringe? It’s a resource that will help you understand how to save a dehydrated cat that cannot intake liquid on its own?

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