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small cat water fountain

For pet parents, it is important to ensure that their fur-friend drinks enough water. Keeping this in check ensures that your pet is hydrated and doesn’t get affected by kidney disease or urinary infection issues.

In most cases, we would want to aim for a big water fountain to ensure frequent refilling isn’t required. However, a big water fountain would be worthless for a small cat. It would simply mean that the water is going to get wasted.       

Plus, imagine all the power consumed to keep the fountain running. The larger the size, the more is power consumed. It wouldn’t be a wise move unless you have a lot of cats at home or a few massive ones.

So, selecting a small cat water fountain would be ideal if you have a small-sized cat at home.

Our experts recently published a list of the best water bowl for cats which you can use along with small cat water fountains as outdoor water resources where your cat like to drink.

How to Pick the Best Small Cat Water Fountain?

You need to seek certain features when picking the best small cat water fountain for your lovely pet. Here are some explained for you.


Certain water dispensers can be set up with ease. Plus, they can also be filled up and cleaned just as smoothly. Make sure you factor in the use of filters, replacement frequency, and all the steps required to keep your dispensers clean. You might want to go for a cat water fountain that is dishwasher-safe.

However, it might cost you a lot. So, if you are on a budget, you can also make do with a dispenser that can be hand-washed.


When buying a cat water fountain for a small breed, you need to consider the size. Small cats won’t drink water from a tall fountain which can eventually lead to issues such as dehydration.

Moreover, cats being the fussy animals as they are, won’t want to indulge in extra effort when drinking water.

So, you need to ensure that the water is available easily to them. There isn’t a point in selecting a large water fountain when your cat won’t drink out of the same.


Cats hate drinking from something that emits a lot of noise. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to be disturbed by the buzzing sound of the machine while resting. Yes, we do love the beautiful sound of water trickling down a surface.

However, the sound being made by the machine is something that irks most of us. Therefore, if you or your cat are sensitive to such noises, it is better to seek a quieter model.

4-Hygienic Material:

Apart from the shape, size, or ease of use, it would help to keep in mind that the water dispenser is crafted from hygienic materials. The best material you can get for your cat water fountain should either be ceramic or stainless steel. They are non-porous & won’t allow as much bacterial growth as plastic.

Water fountains made of cheap plastic promote bacterial growth and lead to feline chin acne. You might also have to clean it frequently.

5-Check for the Perfect Pre-Filter and Carbon Filter:

Almost every high-end water fountain comprises a durable carbon filter designed to capture small particles and odors. Many of them also pack in a pre-filter that helps capture large debris particles before making their way to the carbon foam-based filter & a top-notch submersible pump.

The pre-filter helps extend the water dispenser’s life without any need for frequent filter replacements.

Why Should You Invest In A Cat Water Fountain?

Keeping your cat hydrated could be a big struggle for pet parents. Cats can live without drinking water for days, and they won’t even bat an eye. However, low thirst paired with a dry diet can be a bad combination that makes your cats de-hydrated & vulnerable to issues such as urinary crystals.

Moreover, cats hate to drink from stagnant water bowls and deem it dirty to be consumed. Instead, they would rather slurp water from flowing water as they consider it fresh. This is why water fountains serve as an ideal solution for feline dehydration.

Flowing water is way more oxygenated as compared to stagnant water bowls. Moreover, a bowl would be needed to refill once every day. However, you would have to refill maybe once or twice every week with a water fountain.

Remember that cat water fountains don’t work with every pet, but they do with most as they provide cleaner and fresher water.                    

Top 3 Best Small Cat Water Fountain

 1. The Best Small Cat Water Fountain

The Veken pet water fountain has a 2.5 liters water holding capacity for a small cat. This blue-colored fountain is made from polypropylene and resin that weighs only 1.54 pounds. The fountain is designed to operate with an ultra-quiet sound while ensuring low power consumption.

Depending on the usage pattern, the machine can last as long as 2.5 years to 4 years. The water circulation pattern ensures that your cat gets access to a hygienic and healthy water supply to ensure zero exposure to water-borne bacteria.

Veken is made from high-quality material that is BPA-free. Furthermore, it is easy to operate as well as clean. Each fountain section features a silicone pad that helps catch any splashing water while avoiding spills on the floor. With Veken, you also have access to 3 various flow designs, including flower bubble, flower waterfall, & gentle fountain.

The fountain’s free-falling stream & the bright color is designed specifically to create curiosity among cats and ensure they drink the water.  


  • Packs in a triple filtration technique with 3 durable filters
  • Filters feature high-quality activated carbon for in-depth filtration of water
  • Ideal for removing heavy metals such as chlorine in the water
  • It helps improve the taste of water for your felines
  • Ultra-silent design that produces less than 40dB noise


  • Needs frequent filter change
  • Produces slimy gunk when not cleaned regularly

2. Lu&Ba Cat Water Fountain

If your cat hates the unnecessary noise produced by water fountains, the Lu&Ba water fountain is just what you must invest in. The motor produces less than 30dB sound and is super quiet. In addition, this automatic water dispenser is crafted from resin and features a minimalistic design.

The fountain works in a bubble mode water dispensing style that produces minimum noise while attracting your cats to drink more. In addition, the water flow pattern washes away the debris and hair present on the surface of the water while ensuring your cat drinks only freshwater.

Given its unique design, the fountain can easily be assembled in less than 3 seconds. Moreover, it is easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes. In addition, the water fountain features 20 different water channels that help reduce the overall decibels.

If the water fountain starts producing noise, you can add more water. The fountain also features multiple filters with a surface crafted from high-density cotton. The filter can also get rid of debris, fur, or sand present in the water.


  • It helps remove magnesium & calcium ions that is ideal for cats with urinary issues
  • Features GAC or Granular Activated Carbon to remove impurities and odor
  • The auto-off function that ensures complete safety for your cats
  • BPA-free material used for crafting the water dispenser
  • Diffused light helps protect your cat’s eyes from damage due to strong light


  • The water flow speed is too slow to keep the water feeling fresh
  • No window view to check the water level in the dispenser

3. ORSDA Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

The ORSDA cat water fountain has a 2 liters water holding capacity and automatically dispenses water to keep your cat hydrated while you are out. In addition, this water fountain features 6 unique filters that help keep the water fresh and contaminant-free.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this water fountain is perfect for families with multiple pets. Compared to any plastic water fountain, this one doesn’t lead to bacterial development. Moreover, the material is scratch-resistant. No doubt is the best small cat water fountain.

ORSDA fountain also features a lid-locking design that helps avoid tipping issues while isolating messes to ensure hygienic drinking for the cats. In addition, the water fountain is easy to disassemble and clean as and when required.

With this package, you also get access to 3 pieces of cleaning brushes that help keep your water fountain dirt-free for your pets.


  • Creates soft bubbles on the top to ensure a glitch-free drinking experience for cats
  • It comes with a non-slip mat made of silicone to prevent slipping accidents
  • The lid easily comes off to ensure faster refilling
  • Hygienic & durable design that prevents the possibility of chin acne
  • Features a built-in foam filter that doesn’t dry


  • USB plug-in design could be dangerous for cats
  • The water pump might stop abruptly

You might also like to read how to stop cats from spilling water bowls & do cats drink milk? These resources will educate you to make life with pets more fun.


Regardless of the small cat water fountain you choose from the list, make sure you understand your cat’s needs first. As mentioned earlier, if you do have the budget for it, always go for ceramic or stainless steel fountains.

Even if you opt for plastic fountains, make sure you pick the ones with high-quality material that doesn’t break off or develop bacterial growth too fast!

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