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best spill proof cat water bowl

Cats, just like dogs, are sloppy drinkers. Chances are, the bowl of water you kept filled till the brim is now spread out in your living room, causing a messy scene. After a long day at the office, this isn’t something you would want to see or spend time cleaning up the mess.

It doesn’t just make the floor slippery and prone to accidents but also risks wood rotting. The key to this is spill-proof cat water bowls that are designed to deal with such sloppy drinkers.

But, how would you select the best spill proof cat water bowl? What are the criteria you need to check before coming to a decision? This guide reviews the 10 best spill-proof cat water bowls to help you select what’s best and what isn’t!

So, without further ado, let get right into it. But before that let’s have a look at top recommendations:

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When compared to the ordinary cat water bowel the spill-proof one has a lot of advantages but let’s start with the buyer’s guide first.

Buying Guide for the Best Spill Proof Cat Water Bowl

Before we dive into the best spill-proof cat water bowls available in the market, let us know how to select an ideal product according to your requirements.

Here are some factors you need to keep in mind before purchasing a spill-proof cat water bowl.

1. Weight

One unsaid rule that you need to follow with spill-proof cat water bowls is to ensure that it should be a weighted one. A bowl with a good weight makes it almost impossible for the cat to knock it down.

So the heavier it is, the better it is! Plus, the cat won’t be pushing around the bowl if it fails to knock it down. While doing this, ensure that you can lift the bowl with ease for a quick refill or cleaning purpose.

2. No-Slip Features

Cat water bowls should also come with special materials placed at the bottom part. These materials are designed to be non-slip in nature and help keep the water bowl securely in its place.

It also helps prevent any spillage or the bowl from getting pushed from one part of the room to another. In general, silicone or rubber bases tend to work perfectly to avoid spilling or slipping.

3. Bowl Shape

The bowl’s shape should be designed to ensure there is minimal spillage. For example, a water bowl with a wide base makes it tough for the cat to spill the water or tip it over.

Apart from this, a water bowl with a lip on the top helps protect against abrupt splashes or spills on the floor.

4. Ease of Cleaning

To ensure better health for your cat, you must keep the water bowl completely clean. Failing to do this can lead to bad bacterial or mold growth. So, hunt for a cat water bowl that has a simplistic design for easy disassembly.

If you do not like to clean by hand, you can look for safe bowls to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

5. Material

When selecting a material for your cat’s water bowl, you must opt for something highly durable. Apart from this, select a water bowl that is BPA-free. BPA can be harmful to your cat’s health and cause immunity, reproductive, or neurological issues.

The best option to try out is a ceramic or stainless steel material.

You can also opt for plastic-based water bowls. However, certain plastic materials might not be safe for your cat or not as durable.

How to Select the Best Cat Water Bowl?

Even though there are several amazing products in the market, there is a guideline that you must follow to select an ideal product for your cat’s hydration needs.

Here are 4 tips you need to keep in mind:

  • 1-Create a Budget: Spill-proof water bowls are available at different price ranges. So, before you start selecting one for your cat, make sure you prepare a budget. Set a relevant price range & start looking for products that are available within the bracket. You don’t have to purchase an expensive bowl to get the right features. Even some pocket-friendly options are also worth it.
  • 2-Select a Reliable Design: When selecting a spill-proof cat water bowl, make sure it is heavy and weighs at least 1lb or more. It helps prevent any tipping over. Further, a lipped design helps protect the floor from abrupt splashes, making it ideal for journeys.
  • 3-Silicone Base: Water bowls crafted with rubber or silicon base can help prevent the cat from dragging it around or tipping it over. A wider base would also help add to the stability factor & prevent any splashing.
  • 4-Elevated Bowls: An elevated bowl helps keep the water above the ground level and deters the cat from spilling or splashing. Also, ensure that the bowl must have a heavier base to prevent it from being dragged around or tipped over.

Now that you know the basics of selecting the right spill-proof cat water bowl, here are some products you can opt to shop for.

Top 10 Spill Proof Water Bowls for Cats

It was challenging for us to make a list of the top ten only because thousands of products are there. But our evaluation process makes us able to recommend the products which are made to last.

1. UPSKY No-Spill Pet Water Bowl Slow Water Feeder 

The UPSKY spill-proof cat water bowl can easily hold about 35 ounces of water with an enormous water holding capacity. This amount of water is ideal for 2 to 3 cats daily. The anti-spill design comes with a waterproof strip on the edge & a floating disk featuring a dual design. It can help with the effective prevention of water overflow.

UPSKY water bowl helps keep your floor tidy and dry every time your cat drinks from it. Further, the water bowl features a slow dispensing water feeder that can be adjusted automatically.

The floating design helps slow down your cat’s drinking speed and hence prevent any spillage. It is the best spill proof cat water bowl.

The floating spill-control disk prevents water accumulation in the bowl that can wet your pet’s whiskers and hence helps prevent whisker fatigue. In addition, the bowl features a 2-piece separable design that can be kept clean with ease. The design also helps prevent the bowl from gathering dirt, dust, or pet hair.


  • It can be easily disassembled and cleaned
  • It comes with a non-slip mat in the base to prevent slipping issues
  • It doesn’t cause dirt accumulation in the bowl
  • Features a fix-mounted design to prevent mess
  • Ensures the cat drinks slowly and avoids any choking issues


  • Requires cleaning every alternate day
  • Not ideal for large and heavy cats
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2. No-Spill Slobber Stopper Water Bowl

Now avoid unwanted mess and spilling with the cat water bowl by Prestige Pets. This water bowl helps keep the cat’s water bowl clean & fresh given its unique plate design that keeps floating, protecting the base water from dirt, dust, or debris.

The bowl’s floating disk helps release only the required amount of water to ensure nothing excess is available for spillage. Plus, this feature helps keep your cat’s snout and whiskers dry as cats hate getting their whiskers wet.

The design lets fresh & clean water come out from the reservoir to the floating lick plate. The bowl also helps reduce any risk of choking due to the regulated release of water. As a result, your pet stays hydrated without gulping down extra water or air and while avoiding messy facial drips. The bowl also comes with Velcro fasteners that can help you secure the bowl’s base with any surface.


  • Features a unique base with no-skid design
  • Ideal for use in RV’s cars, boats, and similar travel activities
  • Ideal water storage for more than one pet
  • Smooth & rounded edges to avoid any cuts
  • Lightweight & durable design


  • Velcro is unhinged with ease by pets
  • The floating part doesn’t release an ample amount of water
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3. WishLotus Water Bowl with Floating Disk

WishLotus’ cat water bowl has a large design that helps store a lot of water without spilling out as the pet drinks. This specialized bowl design helps the water come up automatically depending on your cat’s need. When the pet’s tongue touches the floating disk, it sinks and releases the required amount of water.

The ease to disassemble design is crafted with silicone & PP material that can be detached with ease. It can help with effectively slowing down your pet’s drinking speed and thereby avoiding issues such as vomiting or yellowing of the mouth.

Your cat’s whiskers and hairs can get discolored if they tend to remain wet for long. The floating disk helps control the flow of water & hence prevents the accumulation of water that avoids wetting the pet hairs. In addition, once the cat leaves the floating tray, the water goes back into the collection chamber to avoid any splashing issues.


  • It helps keep away dust and dirt away from the water
  • Made out of eco-friendly materials
  • Anti-biting material that lasts for years
  • Can store as much as 40 ounces of water
  • Reduces any scope for vomiting


  • Lightweight; can be knocked off by the pet
  • Material starts to chip at places
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4. Kurgo No Spill Travel Bowl

The Kurgo water bowl has a no-mess design that is highly portable and convenient for travelers that want to ensure their pets don’t de-hydrate in the journey. Its unique design makes it easy to be stored in your travel bag and keeps your pet hydrated for long without spilling all around.

The bowl’s tapered lip design helps reduce splashing as you travel with your best bud in the car or any other vehicle. In addition, the uniquely designed wedge helps ensure that the water bowl stays flat on your car’s floor or seat with ease even as you drive.

Crafted from high-quality food-grade materials, this cat water bowl is safe and doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals into your pet’s water. The water bowl is also dishwasher safe and particularly light in eight to help you carry it around with ease.


  • Hold an approximate 24 ounces of water
  • The angled shape helps keep the bowl completely leveled
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • It doesn’t rip off easily; very durable


  • Splash-proof only if water isn’t filled to the brim
  • It tends to bend when used by large cats
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5. LumoLeaf No-Spill Pet Water Bowl

Now say goodbye to messy and wet floors with the LumoLeaf cat water bowl. Its floating disk design & anti-slip base helps with the effective prevention of water splashing or overflowing. To clean this water bowl, you can disassemble it with ease and rinse using warm water. It can also be cleaned off in a dishwasher.

The LumoLeaf bowl ensures that your pets do not have to deal with wet mouth issues. The design holds enough water to feed your cats while slowing down the intake and avoid vomiting or similar issues. Further, it also helps prevent dirt and dust from accumulating in the bowl as your pets drink from it.

No doubt it’s the best spill proof cat water bowl. The water bowl is perfect for use in SUVs, RVs, and trucks. LumoLeaf can also be taken apart with ease for cleaning purposes and keep your cat healthy and happy.


  • Can hold as much as 35 ounces of water
  • Securely placed top rim to help maintain the structure
  • Anti-slip base design to help prevent accidental slipping
  • It helps avoid any wetting of hairs or whiskers
  • Easy to clean design


  • Requires cleaning very often
  • ABS plastic might break on impact
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6. Best Spill Proof Cat Water Bowl

Do you want a spill-proof water bowl that helps avoid choking issues for your cats? Well, nothing could beat the unique design brought in by the ELS Pet No-Spill water bowl. The pet water feeder has water carrying capacity of 68 ounces.

The spill-proof bowl is ideal for large cats and dogs or families that have multiple pets at home. The water bowl can hold in enough water to help your pets stay hydrated for the entire day. The filter comes embedded with a floating dish design that is also detachable for cleaning purposes.

This uniquely designed cat water bowl also has an added filter embedded with activated carbon to ensure any impurity or residual chlorine is easily removed from the drinking water. It is also recommended that you replace this filter every month to ensure your pet has access to clean drinking water.


  • It comes with edge strips to ensure zero water spillage
  • Keeps your floor tidy and dry
  • Features anti-slip rubber at the bottom
  • Ideal for use during travel to ensure water doesn’t fall off
  • Feeds water slowly to your pet to avoid vomiting


  • The plastic material used is quite thin & fragile
  • The filter must be replaced monthly to ensure zero mold growth
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7. Splash Proof Anti Spill Slow Feeder Dish

The All Fur You Anti-Spill water bowl comes with 35 ounces capacity to ensure you don’t have to refill the water bowl now and then. The bowl is practically designed and large enough to quench the thirst of 2 or more cats.

Given that the water bowl is hidden under its floating disk design, the chances of evaporation are minimized. The bowl is designed to keep the water fresher for longer in the summer months. Its anti-splash & anti-spill design also features a waterproof strip on the edge to prevent water splashing.

The no-spill bowl is ideal when used with dog crates or vehicles and doesn’t spill even when cornered due to movement. All Fur You is a highly portable water bowl that ensures that your pet drinks water slowly and doesn’t gulp down everything in one go.


  • Quick for pets to learn the use of floating disk
  • Doesn’t wet the hair or whiskers around the mouth
  • Avoids the possible discoloration of your pet’ fur due to long-standing wetness
  • Limits the time for which the water is exposed to air
  • Ideal for trips or use in cars


  • Could lead to mold growth; needs regular cleaning
  • It needs more weight to ensure heavy cats do not knock it off
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8. Leashboss Splashless Travel Cat Water Bowl 

Crafted from high-quality silicone, the LeashBoss Splashless water bowl ensures that you can keep your furry friend hydrated en route. Its no-spill design doesn’t require you to stop for water breaks. The water bowl works ideally in trucks, cars, vans, motor homes, SUVs, and water boats.

Its tapered lips help prevent any form of splashing or sloshing when on the move. You can also try and add some ice cubes to the bowl and prevent further splashing issues. The bowl is conveniently designed to ensure you can store enough water for your pets.

The water bowl can hold a maximum of 40 ounces of water, while the recommended level is 24 ounces to ensure minimal spilling. In addition, with the LeashBoss Splashless water bowl, you get access to a modern design that holds its shape and doesn’t collapse when packed with water.


  • Patented design with a geometric shape for maximum stability
  • Features a skid-proof base that lays flat
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Free of PVC, BPA, or phthalate to ensure better health for cats
  • Tapered lip design to help prevent accidental splashing


  • Not ideal for cats or dogs that love to dig in
  • Not recommended for big cats
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9. Loyaa Anti Splash Cat Water Bowl,

Does your cat have a habit of drinking way too fast? Do they vomit when drinking? To resolve this issue, the Loyaa spill-proof cat water bowl, available in a minty color, will ensure that your cat drinks slowly. In addition, its splash-free design ensures that your cat doesn’t wet its mouth at all.

The water bowl’s floating design helps prevent splashing when your pet drinks water. The water bowl also helps avoid any possibility of hair yellowing or any type of skin disease that might happen due to wet hairs. In addition, the Loyaa water bowl is the best spill proof cat water bowl; it’s crafted from high-quality, non-toxic ABS material that doesn’t release any chemical smell.

The bowl also features a durable non-slip mat that helps it stay intact even when used on the go. The bowl’s mat is crafted using silicone material that is tough and soft, making it delicate and easy to use for cats.


  • It helps keep the water clean of dirt and dust
  • Allows a slow release of water to help avoid vomiting
  • Ideal for long travels and avoids spillage
  • Features a double anti-spill water bowl design
  • It carries a total of 35 ounces of water


  • The floating section works well only when full
  • Not ideal for big dogs
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10. URPOWER Large Capacity Cat Water Bowl

With the URPower no-spill cat water bowl, you can access a large 70 ounces water holding capacity. This high-quality water dispenser for cats has an eco-friendly material that doesn’t harm your cat’s health in any way. It perfectly adheres to your cat’s daily hydration needs.

URPOWER’s anti-spill design comes with a splash-free and durable rim along with a floating disk that helps keep the unwanted elements effectively away from the water. In short, the water quality is maintained throughout the time your cat drinks it.

Its slow water-feeding design helps keep your cat’s mouth and whiskers dry to avoid issues such as whisker’s fatigue. You can also avoid issues such as splashing and choking, especially in elder cats. In addition, the water bowl can easily be dismantled for cleaning purposes.


  • The filtering element ensures your cat drinks fresh and healthy water
  • Paw hole design to help the cats drink with ease
  • Features an anti-slip base to avoid slipping
  • It comes with a pry tool for removing and cleaning the filter
  • Durable ABS material that doesn’t break easily


  • It needs to be cleaned every twice a week
  • Prone to frequent mold development
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Comparison of Top Rated Cat Water Bowels

ProductWater Holding CapacityColorsAdditional AccessoriesMaterial
UPSKY Spill-Proof Cat Water Bowl35 ouncesBastic, Blue, Pink, WhiteNon-slip matsAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Prestige Pets No-Spill Cat Water Bowl47 ounces (Large) 20 ounces (Small)Pewter GreyVelcro FeetPolypropylene
WishLotus No-Spill Cat Water Bowl40 ouncesBlue, Pink-NO-Polypropylene, Silicone
Kurgo Splash-Free Wander Cat Water Bowl24 ounces  Blue, Red-NO-Silicone
LumoLeaf No-Spill Cat Water Bowl35 ouncesGrey, White-NO-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
ELS Pet No-Spill Cat Water Bowl70 ouncesWhite and BlackAnti-Slip Rubber BaseAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
All Fur You Anti-Spill Cat Water Bowl35 ouncesGrey, WhiteAnti-Slip Rubber BaseAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
LeashBoss Splashless Cat Water Bowl40 ouncesGrey-NO-Silicone
Loyaa Spill-Proof Cat Water Bowl35 ouncesMint GreenPet Bowl MatABS Material
URPOWER No-Spill Cat Water Bowl70 ouncesGreyAnti-Slip Rubber BaseABS Material

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