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motion sensor cat water fountain

Motion sensor cat water fountain is the late 2017 edition into the felines’ life, and since its inception, this technology-laden product has taken the cat world by storm. With each passing day, the sales are being improved, and water fountains’ constant demand is in place.

Motion sensor cat water fountains work on a diode sensor that percepts the presence of the cat nearby and releases the water automatically. In the same vein, the sensor detects the contented cat’s retreating and directs the fountain to stop flowing. This simple mechanism helps the pet owners to facilitate their cats without any considerable hassle better.

The cutting-edge motion sensor cat fountains are also easy-going for the felines, owing to the high usability score. There is no proper training required, and the cat simplistically learns the rope. Empirical data has also pointed out that the correct use of motion sensor technology has helped boost the temptation of pussycats towards incessant water drinking hence improving the overall health.

You might not find ceramic or stainless steel cat water fountains with motion sensors, but they are readily available in plastic-made; we found them durable and trustworthy.

According to research conducted by The Animal Institute of South Korea, “the cats drinking from motion detector fountains are recorded to develop the wholesome health signs such as thick fur, high agility, and serene sleep.” (34th research journal, 2020).  

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4 Benefits of Motion Sensor Technology in Cat Water Fountains

The motion sensor cat water fountains have myriad proven benefits; having said that, owing to space restrictions, we would elaborate on only four reasons that make the presence of this cutting-edge feature a must-have nearby the cat kennel.

1. Enhances Usability Score

By disposition, cats are a bit too lazybones. They don’t like the complexities in their lifestyle at all. The motion sensor mechanism cuts down the kitty’s efforts by half.

The cat frolics towards the standstill fountain, but the water starts gushing in a jiffy, sensing the royal presence. These super-simple practices, in turn, make the pet cat a jubilant soul.

2. Reduces water wastage

The motion sensor helps leverage water usage in a highly efficient manner with zero wastage. This is the prime scenario, considering the global water shortages. As the fountain turns off and on within a blink of an eye, so there is no chance of water wastage.

3. Entices Thirst

Another good aspect of a motion sensor is its temptation to the cats through the well-intentioned deception. Most sensor-laden fountains are also technologically equipped, hence rolling out many gimmicks to cat through LED effects, UV lights, and different flowing modes.

The cat gets interested and drinks time and again inadvertently.

4. Optimizes Hygiene

As the motion sensor allows the timely opening of water waves, there are minimal chances of bacteria contamination. The cat gets the freshwater with restrictive exposure to outside noxious ambit. Moreover, the allied technologies often inform the pet parent about the filter changing or maintenance deadlines timely.

After making the reader damn sure about the over-the-top importance of motion sensor cat water fountains, it is time to bring forth the top three highly competitive water fountains of this whole class. It is pertinent to mention that the selected brands are comprehensively vetted from all aspects before rolling out for the kind perusal.

Some weighing metrics are range and quality of motion sensor, shutting on/off time, or allied peripheries, to name a few. Let’s start the product’s review.

Best Motion Sensor Cat Water Fountain

1. NPET Cat Drinking Fountain

NPET Cat Drinking Fountain WF050, Brushless Ultra Quiet Pump, 1.5L Pet Fountain with Faucet Outlet, 1 Sensor Switch, 2 Filters

Size: 6.8 x 6.8 x 6.5 inches | Weight: 0.49 kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System: Charcoal & ion exchange resin filter  | Capacity: 50.7 oz

What We Like?

  • Three-faucet modes temptingly allure kitties.
  • The quadruple filtration system provides 24/7 freshwater to pets.
  • The ultra-silent pump works below 40 dB.
  • The complete transparent design reminds of replenishing the withering fountain.

Npet is a motion sensor water fountain that allures the felines through three exciting modes, i.e., tall, short, and fountain. In comparison, the 1.5-liter water tank replenishes the 200 ml water bowl constantly. Moreover, the transparent construction reminds you visually about cleaning and refilling.

The sophisticated external sensors detect the moving tom within three-meter proximity, and the freefall begins within no time. The fountain is fully automated and identifies the thrifty cat with utmost dexterity.

This elegant fountain also uses a quadruple filtration system, picking out debris, ions, and carbon layer by layer. Moreover, the activated carbon thwarts awful taste and odor in the first place.

Some fountains scare the pets with menacing voices; this is not the case with Npet that works in a super serene environment, less than 49 dB.

Overall, the Npet motion sensor cat water fountain is a smart choice for smart pet owners.

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2. iPettie Infrared Smart Cat Water Fountain

motion sensor cat water fountain

Size: 8.25 x 8.25 x 8.25 inches | Weight: 1.1 kg | Power Source: Corded/battery | Filtration System: six-stage  | Capacity: 54 oz

What We Like?

  • The UV-C light lamp kills 98% bacteria.
  • 178° infrared sensors for optimal detection.
  • Easy to put electrolyte drink tablets or medicine through the nutrition compartment.
  • Somatosensory touch buttons enhance a high-tech feel.

iPettie motion sensor cat water fountain aptly detects the approaching cat within 60 inches and turns on automatically; this action goes reverse when the satiated cat retreats. This technological competence instills a hunting instinct into the pet and infuses the plethora of attraction. Nonetheless, this elegant fountain needs to be placed in a spacious area to let its sensors work finely. It cannot be placed in any nook and cranny.

Not only is this smart fountain just ravishing on the optical side, but it performs well in the substance part too. The six-layer water filtration purifies the water by 99%. Hence, improving the overall health of the pet in question.

The power mode is dual, either through corded way or battery-powered. The battery compartment easily caters to the outage of a couple of days.

If your cat is not drinking water from an iPettie fountain, then learn how to force a cat to drink water? What will help you to keep your feline hydrated?

The internal mechanism of iPettie is also aligned on actual intelligent lines. The pump shuts off automatically when there is no water left. At the same time, the smart LED indicator reminds about the cleanness and freshness status in real-time.

Moreover, the teeth cleaning supplements, electrolytes, or nutrients could handily be mixed through the special cask. We are sure that the beautifully crafted iPettie cat water fountain would facilitate pets in a novice manner.

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3. AquaPurr eC

AquaPurr eC - No Filters & No Cleaning - The only Fountain You Never Clean, or Buy Filters for, or Refill! Truly Fresh Water Every time Your cat triggers The Sensor

Size: 5 x 5 x 4.5 inches | Weight: 0.68 kg | Power Source: Corded | Filtration System: No  | Capacity: Varies as per faucet

What We Like?

  • It never requires cleaning or changing the filter.
  • It can be connected to almost all faucets.
  • Aesthetic decorative wraps.
  • Extreme quiet mechanism – no humming.

Aquapurr is a designing wonder with the utmost creativity. As the cats are naturally inclined towards sipping from basins and sinks, this fountain does not wean off their comfort zone. The fountain gets hitched with the standard faucet and gets activated after sensory perception of the cat’s presence nearby. Furthermore, the motion sensor-powered fountain automatically shuts off once the cat stops drinking water.

Amazingly, this high-end fountain does not require any routine maintenance or filter changing. In comparison, the training is super simple as the cat gets acquainted with the manner by simply sitting nearby. Aquapurr is compatible with almost every faucet with no screeching or humming sounds.

Furthermore, this motion sensor cat fountain does not incorporate any pump or intricate mechanism herein, including water recirculation. While the decor is over-the-top. A variety of wraps are available to please the aesthetic taste buds of both pet and pet parents.

The only restriction with this cat fountain is that the sensors do not work on black cats. The company is trying to update this lacuna, but of late, the fountain is useless for the black cat owners.

Overall this unique water fountain is an excellent pick in the motion sensor domain as it neither stores nor circulates water but provides quick access to the tap directly.

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4. WellToBe Cat Water Fountain

motion sensor cat water fountain

Size: 9.1 x 6.3 x 7.5 inches | Weight: 1.08 kg | Power Source: Corded/battery | Filtration System: Carbon filter  | Capacity: 84 oz

What We Like?

  • The pyroelectric infrared sensor senses the cat from sharp 60° vision.
  • Dual power supply for the ultimate peace of mind.
  • The silicone pad catches the splashing water.
  • LED blue, green, and red light indications for swift communication. 

WellToBe motion sensor cat water fountain works truly on the intelligent sensing patterns by identifying the object roaming within 0.5 meters through the piercing angle of 60°. Upon detection, the fountain runs for one minute. This time is adequate for drinking with ease. The sensor working mechanism is communicated to the pet parent through the traffic-signal patterned blue, green, and red lights.

Another glittering aspect of this elegant water fountain is its dual power supplies, i.e., battery and corded way. This means that the motion sensor would facilitate the cat during the testing time of power outage. The battery is adequate to run for a couple of ways without further recharging.

Besides motion sensors, the fountain is also laden with cutting-edge intelligent features such as timely intimation of maintenance checks, dwindling water levels, or hygiene checks.

The sensor is also adequately backed up by a powerful battery and DC adapter. Moreover, the pump is upgraded that works in a truly serene environment sans performing the thirsty cat. Overall, WellToBe is perhaps the most convenient motion sensor cat fountain in online or brick-and-mortar market places that conjoins aesthetics, technology, usability, and convenience into a single persona.

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Here comes the end; we came to know about a new trend in cat water fountains – motion sensors. Moreover, we also knew the working mechanism and their benefits. To gild the lily, our veterans have also selected the top three products in this genre.

The champion is Npet, the forerunner is iPettie, while the last good performer is Aquapurr. Nevertheless, this ranking can be tinkered a little considering the personal whims and customized needs of a particular pet owner. We have our own reasons for this ranking, but all the products mentioned above are chosen from the first tier; hence, the quality is uncompromising.

Replacing the banal cat water fountain with a cutting-edge motion sensor would bring a breeze of positive enthusiasm into the feline’s life, cementing the owner-pet bond manifold. The try is a must-take!

If your cat is drinking plenty of water but still not looking satisfied, then learn why the cat is drinking a lot of water and meowing? It will help you know the cause of excessive meowing.

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