4 Reasons Why Are Cats Scared of Water?

why are cats scared of water

You cats hates water and you are wondering why are cats scared of water? This article will offer some essential details to all cat owners on why their cats might be afraid of water.

How to Save a Dehydrated Kitten? Learn to Help your Cat

saving a dehydrated kitten

Dehydration in cats usually occurs when they cannot find a good water source and lose too much water in the meantime. If you have a stray kitten or an outdoor cat, they become dehydrated when they experience excessive water loss. Cats lose moisture by sweating through their paws.

How to Make a Cat Drink Water? Tips to Force a Cat to Drink Water

how to force a cat to drink water

We all know that cats hate water. Water possesses a texture that’s strange to them, it weighs down their fur, and they can’t control the water’s movement when they’re in it. As such, it’s common for cats to usually stay away from the liquid. But putting this habit aside, this is not something you should let your cat carry on with.

10 Cats Who Likes Water (Yes, Really!)

cat who likes water

The average domestic cat spends five hours every day grooming itself. If its hair becomes wet, its coat becomes very heavy, which makes them slower to move. Instinctually, this makes them easy prey for any predator.

PetSafe Mini Pet Water Fountain Review

Pet safe mini pet water fountain

If you want to give your cat a fresh, clean source of water every day, then consider the PetSafe Mini fountain. We review this product in detail in this article to help you determine if it is right for your cat.

When Do Kittens Stop Drinking Milk?

when do kittens stop drinking milk

kittens stop drinking milk around four weeks old, but if you have a mother cat with kittens it’s easier to tell when they should move on. Learn more about kitten care here.

10 Tips to Get a Kitten to Drink Water

how to get a kitten to drink water

Are you worried about your kitten’s water intake? If yes, then it is time you made some changes in his routine. Here are ten tips that will help you get the kitten drinking water like never before!

What Do Kittens Drink?

what do kittens drink

Many people assume that they can simply buy cow’s milk at the store and give this to their kittens (and their adult cats, too). After all, cats love milk and it can’t be that different from their mother’s milk, right? Keep on reading for the answer!

Can Cats Drink Tap Water?

Can Cats Drink Tap Water

Find out why cats don’t drink tap water, and whether or not they should be drinking it. This post covers the dangers of giving your cat tap water, as well as some great alternatives.

10 Best Water Bowls for Persian Cats

water bowl for Persian cats

Drinking water is very important to keep our cat healthy and hydrated, so the right choice of water bowl can ensure that they get enough clean, filtered water throughout the day.