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untippable cat water bowl

Cats love to play with anything they find interesting, and their water bowl is a big victim of their notorious personality. Unfortunately, this playtime with the water bowl can quickly shift to a messy experience for pet parents. So, you must invest in sturdy cat water bowls that cats cannot tip over.

Let us check out your options for the best untippable cat water bowl of 2022.

But, before that, let us understand the benefits of using an untippable cat water bowl.

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Benefits of Using Untippable Cat Water Bowl

1. It is BPA-Free:

Given their weight, most untippable cat water bowls are made of stainless steel or ceramic. Therefore, it is very rare to see plastic-based untippable bowls. In most cases, plastic products tend to have a certain amount of BPA, which can harm your pet’s health.

The risk is reduced when you select an untippable water bowl. But, make sure you select ceramic or stainless steel as your choice.

2. Easy Cleaning:

Plastic is notoriously famous for being prone to mold or bacterial growth. In addition, they can dent or scratch easily, which provides bacteria with a place to thrive. So, selecting an untippable cat water bowl such as stainless steel or ceramic should be your go-to move.

Moreover, these bowls are easy to clean with a dishwasher-safe design.

3. Keeps Your Floor Safe:

The worst thing that happens when your cat spills or tips over the water bowl is how it affects your floor. It might not damage the floor greatly if it is made of cement or tiles. However, wooden floors can be the worst victim in this case.

If your cat tends to drink right after eating, some food can make its way to the water. This water, when spilled, can lead to a bacterial infestation in the area. If you happen to clean it immediately, it won’t be a big problem.

However, when left unchecked for hours, it can leave a stain in the area.

Moreover, an untippable cat water bowl can save you from unwanted chores like cleaning the floor.

4. Perfect for Travelling Pet Parents:

If you are someone who loves to travel with their cats, an untippable cat water bowl is your best bet. These bowls can be kept anywhere from train travels to uneven terrains to ensure that your cat stays hydrated for hours.

Moreover, if your cat has a habit of tipping over the bowl, these bowls can be a boon for you. So, be ensured that while you are away enjoying a weekend trip, you can be assured that your pet is hydrated.

5. Better Healthy for Cats:

Untippable cat water bowls are designed with several other features that address your cat’s health. These water bowls serve the purpose if your cat suffers from whisker fatigue, vomiting, back pain, or neck strain.

In addition, cats tend to avoid drinking water when it makes them uncomfortable. These bowls can help provide optimum comfort for your pets while ensuring they drink enough water and stay hydrated.

Buyer’s Guide

Keep in mind that no water bowl is completely untippable. However, you can look for certain features that make them the best in the lot. Doing this helps keep the mess to the least. So, let us check out some features that make your cat water bowl the best choice.

1. Look for Heavy Bowls

Some felines love to create a mess out of their water bowl, and things become easy for them if the bowl is way too light. So yes, a light water bowl is a boon for pet parents as it allows portability and is perfect for traveling, given its weight.

However, this might work just the opposite if your cat has experimented with the bowls.

Light cat water bowls are easy to slide around, which might lead to spilling of the contents within the bowl. So, the key is to choose a heavy material such as a ceramic-based bowl that reduces pushovers by notorious cats.

The worst move on your part would be a plastic water bowl which tends to be very light in weight.

If not ceramic, you can opt for stainless steel water bowls.

2. Rubber or Silicone Base

Several brands focus on keeping the water bowl tip-proof. Some tend to work amazingly while others don’t. So, look for bowls with a rubber trim added to the base.

This helps reduce sliding issues. Moreover, cat water bowls are paired with silicone mats that prevent the water from making its way to the floor.

The rubber base provides enough friction to ensure it stays in one place, while the silicone base contains the spillage within a certain area.

3. Select a Durable Material

The cat water bowl you select for your pet should be crafted from pet-safe and durable material. The best option for you is a stainless steel material that is strong, durable, and easily cleaned.

However, if it isn’t thick enough, it could be light and can slide around with ease.

Another great choice is a heavy ceramic bowl that doesn’t tipple or slide so easily. However, they can be prone to cracking or breaking.

If it comes with a base stand, the same should be sturdy enough if your cat plans to chew on it.

1. Y YHY Elevated Cat Water Bowl

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, the Y YHY Elevated Cat Water Bowl is the perfect solution for cats that often spill water. Given its heavy design, the cat water bowl is untippable. So whether your cat is big or small, this water bowl doesn’t tip away easily.

Moreover, the tilted design helps reduce the neck strain making it especially helpful for old or sick cats. The cat water bowl also ensures the reduction of vomiting issues. The design ensures that the water is centered and doesn’t spill from the sides.

The measuring marks added to the insides of the bowl ensure that you can confirm that your pet drinks enough water daily. This elevated cat water bowl is perfect for felines suffering from mobility-limiting issues such as arthritis. It helps avoid frequent refills while avoiding problems like chin acne.


  • Sturdy ceramic design that is heavy enough to ensure it doesn’t tip
  • Dishwasher-safe design for easy cleaning
  • The firm surface that doesn’t scratch easily
  • A stable and wide bottom that prevents sliding or tipping
  • Features an inner-lip design to keep the water within


  • Marks and prints tend to come off after a few washes
  • The bowl tends to chip from the corners

2. Super Design 15-Degree Mess-Free Slanted Bowl for Cats

Stylish yet super-sturdy, the Super Design Slanted Bowl for cats is your best bet if your pet tends to tip the bowl when drinking. This slanted cat water bowl features a 15-degree angle, making it easy for the pet to drink with a reduced risk of indigestion or bloating.

This non-spill cat water bowl stacks the water to its edge with a higher and rounder arc design. This helps ensure that the water doesn’t overflow or spill from the sides. In addition, this non-slip and stable cat bowl is difficult to tip over, given its heavy-duty stand that features non-slip feet.

This cat water bowl can be cleaned with ease. The combination comprises a melamine stand with a stainless steel water bowl. It can be washed in the dishwasher as well as by hand. The Super Design water bowl is best suited for small and medium cats.


  • The tilted design keeps the water concentrated at the center
  • A slightly elevated design that keeps the pet’s neck in perfect alignment
  • It helps prevent any back pain while protecting the spine
  • Sturdy and rubberized feet that secure stability
  • Made from food-grade material that is safe for cats


  • Not meant for big or heavy cats
  • Metal is a bit too flimsy

3. AG-Unicorn Ceramic Cat Water Bowl

If you are looking for a stylish yet perfectly stable cat water bowl, the AG-Unicorn is a brand you can place your trust on. This ceramic-based water bowl comes with a bamboo stand that prevents the bowl from titling or sliding as your pet drinks from it. Unfortunately, although the water bowl is dishwasher safe, the bamboo stand cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The bowl features a marble-textured design that is stylish and blends with your home’s décor, giving it a unique look. Keep in mind that the texture of each bowl your receive can be different. This is because the texture isn’t actually printed but rather blended, making it different. In addition, the water bowl is created from healthy and safe material that is non-toxic for cats.

Moreover, the material is free of lead and can be an assured choice for pet parents.


  • The dishwasher-safe design makes it easy to clean
  • A marble-textured ceramic that looks beautiful and unique
  • Heavy-weighted design that doesn’t spill or tip over
  • Perfect for cats with cervical vertebra issues
  • Microwave-safe ceramic bowl


  • The bamboo stand cannot be used in the microwave
  • Glossy texture tends to fade away with regular use

4. Weebo Pets Stainless Steel No-Tip Cat Water Bowl

If you are looking for a classic stainless steel cat water bowl, the Weebo Pets is perfect for your pets. This easy to care for stainless steel water bowl is designed to resist corrosion or rust while making it dishwasher safe. In addition, its easy to clean design ensures that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on hygiene.

Its wide and spill-proof base features a grippy rubber that keeps the water bowl right where it is. Apart from keeping the bowl in place, it also prevents any scuff marks from ruining your floor or precious marble. The bowl is perfect for cats that have floppy ears or clumsy paws.

The water bowl is crafted with the highest-grade stainless steel material featuring a polished mirror-like sheen.


  • Wide diameter that ensures a spill-free drinking experience
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful lead ingredient
  • A heavier bottom that ensures zero tipping issues
  • It doesn’t require frequent refilling
  • It comes in different sizes depending on the pet’s requirements


  • A bit too deep and might cause neck-straining
  • It might cause whisker fatigue

5. Lionweli Ceramic Cat Water Bowl

Available in 5 and 6-inch diameter, the Lionweli Ceramic Cat Water Bowl features a unique design giving you relief from tipping issues. This cat water bowl is available in green and white colors. It is made from healthy and safe material that doesn’t harm your cat even with regular use.

The water bowl is crafted from 100 percent porcelain ceramic, while the stand is made from natural wood. In addition, the makers have ensured that the bowl or the stand doesn’t contain any cadmium or lead content that can be toxic to cats.

Moreover, if your pet loves to drink warm water or soup, this water bowl works just as well by holding high-temperature liquid. The best thing about the Lionweli cat water bowl is that it is non-toxic, durable, and doesn’t emit any bad smell.


  • Perfect bowl to maintain hygiene and sanitation for cats
  • A uniquely designed wood stand that prevents the bowl from sliding
  • Good grip at the base to prevent slipping or tipping
  • A dishwasher-safe water bowl that is easy to clean
  • Criss-cross stand design to ensure added durability


  • It leads to a heavy calcium buildup
  • It would work better with a plastic stopper in the base

6. Petmate No Spill Bowl

The Petmate No Spill Bowl has a splash-proof design that helps keep your floor clean and dry as your pet chugs water. It is crafted from high-quality and sturdy plastic made for years of usage. If you travel a lot with your pet, the Petmate No Spill Bowl is a great choice.

The bowl can easily hold about 48 ounces of water, perfect for a house with a pet or two without frequent refilling. You can carry the water bowl on camping trips, road trips, beach trips, or quick walks in the park with your pet.

Moreover, the bowl might look complicated at first, but it is easy to clean with a simple wiping action.


  • It holds a good amount of water and doesn’t require frequent refilling
  • Long-lasting design with a sturdy plastic
  • Made with heavier plastic in the bottom section to prevent skidding
  • Removable lid for an easy cleaning experience
  • Prevents regurgitating or burping issues in certain felines


  • The top portion is a bit flimsy
  • The hole at the top is smaller than expected

7. CatGuru Cat Water Bowl Non-Slip

The CatGuru Water Bowl is pretty yet practical, made from high-quality melamine material. Its patented design features a raised backside that prevents water spillage. In addition, its wide-enough design provides whisker relief & encourages the cats to drink enough water.

This non-slip bowl is designed for cats and is created from completely BPA-free material. The cat water bowl is easy to use and more durable than any ceramic water bowl. Moreover, they don’t make a lot of noise when used by the cats compared to stainless steel bowls.

The water bowl is dishwasher safe and shouldn’t be used in the microwave. This non-slip bowl doesn’t absorb or release any smell, unlike plastic water bowls. CatGuru easily accommodates enough water to keep your cats well hydrated.


  • Wide and shallow design that prevents whisker stress
  • Features a raised backside that reduces spillage
  • Safe for cats even when used regularly
  • Free of phthalates or lead content
  • It shouldn’t be used in a microwave


  • It might cause chin acne in some cats
  • Smaller than expected

8. Torus Cat Water Bowl with 6 Filters

The Torus Cat Water Bowl is the key to providing your cat with fresh and hygienic drinking water without causing tip-overs or spillage. This water bowl delivers a cool and freshwater bowl for the cat to help them enjoy clean water. It is ideal for big and heavy cats.

The design helps keep the water bowl cool for longer and is crafted from BPA-free material. Further, it is food-grade material that is non-toxic. This spacious water bowl can hold as much as 2 liters of water to keep your pet hydrated for hours, if not days.

Its large water storage reservoir ring passes through an active carbon-based filter that keeps the water free of pathogens. In addition, this durable water bowl features solid construction that is durable and doesn’t require any electricity or battery to operate.


  • Travel-friendly design that is perfect for regular use
  • Features a cap for easy refilling and locks to hold the water within
  • It helps provide a splash-free drinking experience for cats
  • Rubber feet that keep the bowl in place and prevents tipping
  • It doesn’t leak and keeps the water cool for longer


  • Teething cats can chew on the knob
  • It might cause mold development when placed near food bowls

9. Kaytee Stoneware Pet Bowl

If your pet tends to chew on traditional pet water bowls, the Kaytee Stoneware Pet Bowl is a wise choice. This chew-proof cat water bowl features a wide profile that adds to the stability factor. Moreover, its heavy-weight design makes it tip-resistant, even when used by big cats.

The design eliminates messes & promotes better health for pets, especially the older ones. The Kaytee Stoneware cat water bowl features a durable ceramic design with a hi-glaze finish. The material is completely dishwasher safe while being super sanitary and lead-free.

The pet water bowl doesn’t feature any lip design, making it hard for cats to hold on and tip over.


  • Keeps the floor dry and protected from water spillage
  • Holds the water in place with its high walls
  • Smooth design that doesn’t get scratched easily
  • It doesn’t cause mold development without frequent cleaning requirements
  • Heavy material that doesn’t tip over easily


  • Tends to chip away when handled without care
  • It might start leaking from bottom

10. UpSky Raised Cat Water Bowl with No-Slip Design

Available in 4 beautiful colors of white, blue, pink, and black, the UpSky Raised Cat Water Bowl can be perfect for cats that tend to play with their bowls. The water bowl is made from high-quality melamine that features a tilting design ranging between 0 and 30 degrees.

This allows pet parents to freely adjust the bowl to provide the cats with a well-suited drinking position. In addition, the bowl features a raised stand of 2.5 inches height that lowers any pressure on the pet’s stomach or joints. It also reduces any burden on your cat’s neck or digestive system.

The bowl is removable from the base, making it easy to clean. In addition, the UpSky water bowl can hold about 2 cups of water which is perfect for pet parents with small and big cats.


  • Anti-slip and anti-spill design with a slight inclination
  • Features 4 high-quality non-slip rubber base
  • Made from food-grade melamine material
  • Tasteless, non-toxic, & safe material for young and old cats
  • Simple design that gels well with the home décor


  • It cannot be used in microwave
  • Magnets do not stay in place for long


While we love all these options reviewed here, our top choice is no doubt the Y YHY Cat Water Bowl. Apart from being tip-proof and spill-proof, this cat water bowl has a design that reduces neck strain or back pain.

In addition, if your cat has a habit of vomiting due to stomach misalignment, this water bowl’s elevated design is the perfect solution.

So, it might seem that the choices are confusing, but we hope our thorough guide can help you select the right one for your feline. After all, no one knows your pet better than you do!

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